Studierende im Gespräch
Studierende im Gespräch

Get off to a running start

Information for new international students

Here is to a smooth new beginning in Konstanz!

As a new international student at the University of Konstanz, you have an exciting and extraordinary study experience ahead of you. To help get you started on the right foot as you prepare for your stay in Konstanz, we would like to provide you with the following important information. The sooner you begin your preparations, the easier your arrival and stay in Konstanz will be.

Studentin in Seminardiskussion
Studentin in Seminardiskussion

Support service for international degree-seeking students

Have you just received your admission letter or are you already a studying at the University of Konstanz? The International Office supports you in all non-academic matters related to your study stay in Konstanz. Register once and don't miss out on anything - with our degree-seeking service platform, you keep on top of your non-academic formalities.

On the service platform, you can

  • register for an orientation/intensive language programme.
  • apply for a room at a Seezeit student residence within the early-bird scheme for master students provided by the International Office (only winter term).
  • transfer documents securely for advising.
  • have an overview on all required documents for the following formalities: registration with the city, Seezeit accommodation, residence permit
  • For students with nationalities of Non-EU/EEA countries: get individual advising and documents' check when applying and extending your residence permit.

Please note:

You can neither apply nor enroll for a study programme with the Intenational Office service platform. You can apply and enroll for studies via the ZEUS platform.

Information is preparation

Accommodation, visa, arrival, orientation programmes - for planning and preparing for your first days and weeks in Konstanz, we have prepared all the information that you need. Furthermore, we will provide several programmes that will support you upon arrival:


Since Konstanz is geographically embedded between the shores of Lake Constance and the border to Switzerland, living space is limited and highly popular. Which options do you have?

For all international students

You can apply directly with Seezeit for a residence hall for up to 4 semesters. If you apply directly, Seezeit will allocate vacant rooms by lottery. A room in one of the Seezeit student residence halls in Konstanz costs between € 300 - 350 per month. Students usually live in flat shares with 2 - 6 other students (men and women together, Germans and internationals). Every student receives their own room. The kitchen and bathroom are shared by all flat residents. All residence halls can be reached with the city busses from the train station/city centre and the university.

Since there is more demand than rooms on offer, you should have plan B from the beginning. For private housing options in and around Konstanz, please check out Accommodations in Konstanz. 

For master students and DAAD scholarship holders

For the winter term, the International Office provides a limited number of Seezeit student residences as a jump start. This housing scheme is limited to two semesters. This scheme is offered to new (incl. double degree) master students and DAAD scholarship holders with an admission offer as an early-bird scheme until Juni 30th. Are you interested?

For reserving a student residence room through the International Office, we need your registration as well as a proof of payment for the deposit of 800€ to Seezeit (750€ deposit, 50€ admin fee). Seezeit will reimburse the deposit if you hand over the room in good shape. The maximum rental for registrations through the International Office is limited to two semesters. You may cancel your booking and get the 800€ reimbursed if you cancel until 15 July. If you cancel until latest 2 weeks before your rental contract starts, 750€ will be reimbursed.The deadline for this offer ends on Juni 30th. For early birds, chances of getting a room are fairly good (first come, first served). You can register through our degree-seeking support platform for a room within the International Office housing scheme.

After the deadline, the International Office will not be able to offer accommodation any more. In this case, you are kindly asked to search for housing by your own means. For private housing options in and around Konstanz, please check out Accommodations in Konstanz. 

Orientation and presessional German language programmes

The International Office is there for you right from the very beginning. To ease your way into the German academic setting and cultural atmosphere in Konstanz, we recommend that you take part in some of our pre-semester orientation and intensive German language programmes. They will give you an insight into how the Uni Konstanz works, guide you on important formalities and will be there for your questions. And you will meet lots of other new students.

OriPro Master (orientation programme)

  • October 5th - 10th,  2023
  • register until 15 September

Please find more information here

GO-Konstanz (German Intensive Language Course with Orientation Programme)

  • 4 weeks in September / March
  • levels A - C1
  • registration until 15 August  / 15 February
  • study start summer term: For an individuall orientation, please get in contact with us by e-mail.

Please find more details here.

Buddy Programme

Want to get to know the ins and outs of Konstanz and the university with a local "buddy" at your side? As an international student, you will be matched with a local Konstanz student who looks forward to meeting and assisting you via our Buddy Programme.

Introductory event of your study programme

For new students, each study programme offers an introductory meeting during the orientation week. Orientation events are intended to help you settle into and get to know Konstanz, the university and your department. You can find the dates in time in the  Studienstarter

A must before you start with classes to get your course schedule straight.