How we support you

How do I find accommodations? Which visa do I need to apply for? What do I do if my money runs out?

At the International Office, we also support international students in regards to non-academic matters that are related to the organization of your studies in Konstanz. As a family-friendly university, we also extend this service to the spouses and children of international students .

Whether you need advice regarding legal questions about visas or residence in Germany, assistance with formalities, access to emergency funds or opportunities to meet German or other international students - feel free to contact us.

Our services for you:

Office Hours

You can arrange a digital or personal appointment by writing us an e-mail to

Residence hall room for international Master students

International Master's students can book a room for two semesters at the International Office in one of the Seezeit student services (winter semester only). You will usually live in a shared flat in the Sonnenbühl Ost or Sonnenbühl West II  halls of residence, just a 15-minute walk from the university campus.

We will reserve a place in a hall of residence for you if you have registered for this in our support portal and transferred a deposit of 800 euros to Seezeit by the application deadline on June 30th (please upload proof of payment to the support portal).


Advice and information on visa and residency law

If you are a citizen of a country that does not belong to the European Union, please contact a German diplomatic mission to find out if you need to apply for a visa for study preparation or study.

You may also need to have your residence permit amended during your study stay if, for example, you change the subject of study or change universities. Please contact us to find out which regulations apply in such circumstances.

After completing their studies, non-EU students with a German university degree have privileged access to the German labour market. Starting with the job search, graduates already can take advantage of attractive opportunities to renew their residence permit.

Required administrative tasks

In order to enrol at the university and register with the police in the city of Konstanz, you need to take care of several formalities. You will open a bank account, sign up for health insurance, look for affordable personal liability insurance and register as a new resident in Konstanz or a municipality nearby.

We provide you with checklists for collecting important forms for arrival and departure, advise you on various options and accompany you to government offices, doctors etc. if necessary.

We complete these formalities together in groups during our orientation courses because we can help one another while having fun at the same time.

Orientation programmes

Good preparation is the key to success: During our preparatory courses and orientation programmes you will learn about the academic culture and structures of a German university and how to get around on our university campus. Together with new students from around the world, you can explore your new surroundings and make new friends and contacts while completing all of the formalities required for a great start to your studies in Konstanz. With good preparation and some encouragement you will be ready for the start of the semester.

Info sessions and excursions

Each semester, we offer info sessions on all important aspects of your student affairs, like e.g. telecommunicaton fee, re-registration and what to do before leaving Konstanz. We will also refer to student jobs and career planning in Germany.

We also offer a variety of exciting excursions. These are open to all students and take you to fascinating destinations.

Info sessions and excursions

Meet people

Studying together makes things easier: Exchange information, experience community life, find a new home, motivate each other and activate synergies while learning - if you are well connected, it will be easier for you to complete your studies successfully.

Opportunities offered by the university and student initiatives provide forums to get to know other students. The Buddy Programme and language tandems help you make new contacts while groups activities are offered during our orientation courses.

Emergency financial support

Suddenly your financial resources dry up during your studies - what now? Those who experience financial emergencies during and at the end of their studies have access to emergency financial assistance.

Standards of international student support and ombudsman for complaints (Code of Conduct)