There are plenty of options - studying in special circumstances

Study with children, study as a refugee or study with a disability

Studying with children

Students with children will need to be able to manage their time well and to confidently set priorities. The University of Konstanz would like to assist parents through its “Studying with Children” programme. As a parent, you have access to a variety of options for finding childcare, balancing family-life and studies, receiving financial support and gathering further information.

Study as a refugee

The University of Konstanz welcomes refugees interested in studying and provides access to the university library, sports activities, German language courses and the opportunity to meet students in Konstanz.

Study with a physical/psychological disability or a chronic illness

The University of Konstanz intends to remove barriers and to optimise the study conditions for all students. We provide individualised support for students in special circumstances, especially those with physical and/or psychological disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Our representatives for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses provide information and support regarding your questions about study and life situations as well as measures to reduce disadvantage due to disability/illness.