Key Actions 2 supports the internationalization of European institutions of higher education in the frame of Cooperation for Partnerships (former so called "strategic partnerships"), Partnerships for Excellence (among them the European Universities, Teacher Academies, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master) and Partnerships for Innovation (e.g. Alliances for Innovation, Forward looking projects). Capacity Building projects focus on the collaboration with partner countries worldwide.

Key Action 3 projects are for the support of policy development and cooperation.

Jean Monnet actions will support Higher Education Institutions inside and outside Europe to promote teaching and research on European integration and promote policy debate within Jean Monnet Modules (short teaching programs), Chairs  (longer teaching posts) and Centre of Excellence (gathering knowledge of high-level experts in various disciplines of European Studies).

Those projects often go beyond mobility collaboration between higher education institutions, and have a wider impact. Consortiums usually have at least 3 different partners and last for several years. Erasmus KA2 and 3 have proven to be quite complex and similar to projects under the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation regarding the application process but also in administration, finance structures and reporting of successful projects.

Since 2014, International Office and Research Support jointly support members of the University of Konstanz in the application process of such projects.

To foster  the engagement of higher education institutions within BadenWürttemberg in European funded collaboration, the Ministry supports financially the application process, e.g. travel costs, student assistants. Calls are usually published in late summer/fall via the U Konstanz "Forschungsnachrichten".

Erasmus partnership projects at the University of Konstanz (in German only)

WECE –We all Count Europe (KA3 Forward Looking Projekt)

Koordinator: Prof. Susumo Shikano (FB Politik)

Laufzeit des Projektes 2015-2017

ENAI - European Network for Academic Integrity (KA2 – Strategic Partnership)


Coordinator: Mendel University Brno, CZ

Contact at the University of Konstanz:
Petra Hätscher, Ansgar Schäfer, Dr. Oliver Trevisiol,  Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM)

Duration of the project: 2016-2019

Further information at  ENAI 

ITE-VET (Vocational Training Economics Ukraine) (KA2 – Capacity Building)

ITE-VET Improving teacher education for applied learning in the field of vocational education 

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Thomas Deißinger, Vera Braun and Oksana Melynk,  Department of Economics

Duration of project: 2016-2019

Website  ITE-VET

PAGOSTE - New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine

Contact: Prof Deissinger and Oksana Melnyk

Duration 2020-2023

Information PAGOSTE : New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine

DIGICRIMJUS (KA2 Strategic Partnership at Department of Law)

New challenges for teaching, researching and practicing criminal law in the digital age

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Liane Wörner, Dep of Law
Partners within this consortium: University of Szeged/Hungary und University of Istanbul/Turkey
Duration of the project: 2020-2023
Further Information:

TEAM (KA2 - Strategic Partnership at Department of Linguistics)

TEAM  - Teacher Education About Multilingualism

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Theo Marinis, Department of Linguistics

Partner within this consortium: University Adam Mickiewicza Poznan/Poland, Bar Ilan University /Israel, Universidad de Granada/Spain, University of Rijeka/Croatia, University of Edinburgh/United Kingdom, Jagellonian University Krakau/Poland, Aristoteles University Thessaloniki/Greece, Universita per Stranieri di Siena/Italy

Laufzeit des Projektes: 2020-2023

Further Information about TEAM