When, where, and how? Planning for your stay abroad.

Your path to a stay abroad includes several important steps.

There are many opportunities to go abroad during your studies. The following ideas and advisory services will help you successfully prepare for a stay abroad.

Opportunities for gathering information

The International Office is available in the Student Service Centre (SSZ) on a daily basis to advise you about the various options for a stay abroad. You will be able to read student reports and information about the individual partner universities.

Additionally, we organise many information events. During the orientation week at the beginning of the semester we inform you about the opportunities to go abroad. To take part in our information events during the semester, please take note of our postings and announcements.

For information about international Exchange, reports or calls please subscribe to the Instagram chanel of the International Office @unikonstanz_international.

After you have informed yourself about the region, you are welcome to visit our advisors during their respective office hours.

Fitting your stay abroad into your studies

To complete a successful stay abroad, you should consult your department before your stay abroad in order to discuss how to best integrate your planned stay abroad into your course of study. After studying abroad, your department is responsible for recognising your academic performance assessments completed abroad. This is generally possible, as long as the study credits from complete classes taken abroad are comparable, in both content and duration, to classes at the University of Konstanz. However, we cannot provide a guarantee that ECTS earned at foreign universities will be recognised at the University of Konstanz. We thus recommend you consult closely with your department.

As a general rule, students at the University of Konstanz who are planning to study for one or more semesters at a foreign university are able to request a leave of absence in the SSZ. Students should not exmatriculate themselves from the university. Otherwise, they might lose their place at the German university or lose their health insurance. Please note that students taking a leave of absence will still need to re-register during their stay abroad! 

Language skills

To successfully study abroad, you should be proficient in the language of the host country. You should not only be able to be able to follow along in the courses, but you should also be able to communicate in both the written and spoken word about topics that are relevant to your study subject. When applying for study abroad, most English-speaking universities require a minimum language level and specific language certificates. Thus, beginning your period of study abroad with a new foreign language training programme is usually not possible. You can, however, usually take courses to improve your existing foreign language skills during the stay abroad at the host institution. Further information about language courses offered abroad and funding opportunities can be found under “More opportunities”.

The Language Institute (SLI) of the University of Konstanz offers numerous language courses and preparatory courses for specific language certificates. Furthermore, you can improve your foreign language skills by finding a tandem partner or by using the Buddy Programme. Improve your foreign language skills and interact with international students at the University of Konstanz.

Visa and health insurance

To study in an Erasmus+ partnership country, you will not require a visa as an EU citizen due to your right of free movement within the EU. When staying outside of the EU, a visa for entry and study is usually required for students. It is not possible to enter a foreign country on a tourist visa and then obtain a student visa. Depending on the host country, it will take several weeks to process the visa application. For this reason, it is important to apply for and receive a visa well before you travel in order to avoid potential complications. Up-to-date information on entry and visa requirements is available from the exchange programmes and the consulates of the respective host country.

Many overseas host universities require students to purchase their own university health insurance. To find out whether this is the case for your host university and which health insurance is required, please refer to the information on the relevant universities as well as their websites. Please note that, under certain circumstances, not all services and conditions are covered. It is therefore advisable that you consider also purchasing private insurance coverage. The statutory German health insurance does not allow for a leave of absence from the German health insurance during your stay abroad. You therefore need to maintain this insurance coverage while you are abroad.

The Erasmus+ programme does not provide any kind of insurance. However, the statutory health insurance providers offer insurance coverage in European countries who have signed a social security agreement with Germany. With the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you are entitled to receive the standard healthcare benefits available in the respective host country. For insurance coverage in Turkey, you will need to request a special foreign health insurance certificate from your health insurance provider. Additionally, it is advisable to carry accident and liability insurance when staying abroad.

Make international contacts

Even before you study abroad, you can enjoy a taste of international flair at the University of Konstanz. Each year, over 400 international students come to Konstanz to study one or two semesters. Perhaps one is from your future host university. Because these students are looking to interact with German students, why not join in and take part in this unique opportunity for intercultural exchange?

The perfect opportunity to do so is joining one of the "Konstanz meets International" events!

Through our Buddy Programme, you have the chance to show a guest student around your city, university and department.

ESN Konstanz brings local and international students together by organising events and excursions. The group not only welcomes former and current Erasmus+ students, but it invites all international students to participate. Events such as baking cookies before Christmas, a lantern evening in autumn, pub gatherings, parties and city tours are a permanent part of their programme. ESN is always looking for new members who are passionate about advancing internationality during their studies.