Degree-seeking students and free movers

  1. Organise and bring original documents for admission/enrolment
  2. Apply for Seezeit housing and transfer the deposit
  3. Degree-seeking students can register for support by writing to Freemovers register for the orientation programme: GO-Konstanz (September/March) or OriPro (October/April)

Only important for non-EU/EEA-students

  1. Apply for a long-term student visa (except USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Brazil)
  2. Organise your proof of financial resources

Only important for EU/EEA-students

  1. When having bank account that supports the SEPA procedure: Make sure that your bank allows direct debits from Germany from your account (required for e.g. Seezeit rents). Often this must be explicitly activated at your bank
  2. Ensure that the EHIC is valid for the entire planned duration of the study visit or apply for extension in time (can take up to 10 weeks)
  3. only if applicable, please organize original documents with certified translations into English or German: certificate of marriage, birth certificates of children, divorce decrees, death certificate of spouse if widowed

Important to-do's for all students

  1. Pay open fees
  2. Plan your travels (book a flight)
  3. Organise important medcations and any necessary immunisations
  4. Register for the Buddy Programme
  5. Apply for a credit / debit card or open a German bank account already
  6. Schedule a move-in date and inform your tutor or buddy about your arrival date
  7. Purchase sufficient health insurance coverage
  8. If applicable: Original documents with certified translations into English or German: marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, divorce decrees, death certificate of spouse if widowed

Packing my bags...

  1. EU-students: ID-card
  2. Non-EU/EEA-students: Passport, valid until at least six months later than your schedules study period in Germany
  3. Letter of admission from the University of Konstanz, as well as all additional documents (passport pictures, proof of health insurance coverage, diploma, proof of language requirements...)
  4. Scholarship certificates and/or all Erasmus+ forms (confirmation of arrival/departure/stay, learning agreement, changes of the learning agreement)
  5. copies of all important documents (passport, admission letter, proof of funding, plane tickets...)
  6. Immunisation records
  7. International driving licence or a certified translation of your national driving licence
  8. Travel documents (plane tickets etc.)
  9. Confirmation of residence hall reservation
  10. Credit card
  11. Important medication and information about your medication in German or English
  12. Important telephone numbers: bank, home university and University of Konstanz International Office, buddy, etc
  13. Adapter for electrical devices
  14. Adequate clothing: In the winter, the temperature can drop below the freezing point and it can snow. Please do not forget warm clothing. Summer temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius: Bring your bathing suit.
  15. LAN-cable for internet in your Seezit residence