Emergency scholarship for graduation for international degree-seeking students

What is the scholarship for graduation?

The scholarship for graduation provides financial support to help overcome unforeseeable urgent financial constraints which have not been caused by oneself. It should enable you to prepare for your final exams and thesis without major financial pressure.

This emergency fund is a limited emergency aid. The funding can range between 250€ - 934€ / month and is granted according to your neediness. It aims to provide urgent financial support in a specific situation and bridges the time gap in which you are limited or temporarily hindered to earn income by your own work. The financial aid will be granted based on the acuteness of the emergency and in cases where financial needs cannot be covered by other means and parties.

Key information about the emergency fund

Who can apply for financial aid?
Enrolled international students who are pursuing a degree at the University of Konstanz. Exchange students / free-movers are not eligible.

Earliest application: 6 - max. 12 months before graduation

Which funding can I apply for?
A scholarship of 250 € - 934€ / month for up to 6 months. This is not a loan and you will not be required to pay it back.

What can be funded?
Living expenses, unexpected extraordinary costs.

Expenses for tuition fees for international students cannot be considered. If you experience financial constraints due to the tuition fee for non-EU students, please refer to the option of (partial) exemption or paying in instalments

Where can I apply and what is the deadline?
Applications are welcome at any time. Please first arrange an appointment to discuss if an application would be suitable in your situation. Usually, the decision on your application will be taken within 2 weeks after the application documents have been completed.



Please arrange an appointment for advising before submitting your application.

Application documents

For the application, please prepare the following documents as pdf files for upload at the end of the online application form.

  1. Written explanation of your application: Please describe how you finance your studies presently and what your financial situation will be like during the months that you are applying for. Please explain what has caused your financial hardship.
  2. CV
  3. Copy of passport / ID card and, if applicable, copy of residence permit.
  4. Enrolment certificate from ZEUS for the term(s) you are applying for
  5. Statement of savings account(s) and bank statement of the last 6 weeks and proof of savings balance
  6. In the case of secondary earnings as a student assistant and other employment contracts: copy of the current employment contract.
  7. Transcript of records from ZEUS
  8. In addition, we need a reference letter by a lecturer (alternatively study advisor): The reference letter should include a) when the student is expected to finish the thesis and the study programme, b) how the lecturer evaluates the potential perspective of the student finishing successfully with the degree.
    We kindly ask the lecturer to submit the reference letter directly to the International Office by e-mail to: tamara.weber@uni-konstanz.de