Hochschulpartnerschaften in der Universität Konstanz in Westeuropa auf einer Karte
Hochschulpartnerschaften in der Universität Konstanz in Westeuropa auf einer Karte

Those who are on the move, move Europe!

An internship in Europe or worldwide? Erasmus+ funds your internship at a business, organisation, cultural institution, school or university!

Erasmus+ internship mobility grant application deadline

You can apply for a mobility grant for your internship in Europe and worldwide up to two weeks before it begins!

New: 2 application phases:
Applications for internships starting from August 1st, 2024 and are possible from June 20th, 2024.
This applies to all stays within and outside Europe that start between August 1st, 2024 and January 31st, 2025.
Erasmus applications for stays that start from February 1st, 2025 are possible from November 20th, 2024.

Current note: The KOOR Erasmus funding worldwide for internships outside Europe, as well as Switzerland and the UK, has been exhausted for the winter term 2024/25. New registrations at KOOR Karlsruhe are currently no longer possible. If you are planing an an internship worldwide, please contact the International Office of the University of Konstanz: praktikum.international@uni-konstanz.de

Erasmus+ internship

General information

Erasmus+ provides grants for internships that you find by yourself at businesses, organisations, schools, universities in other EU countries and worldwide.
(exceptions: EU institutions/EU projects. See our list of all exceptions).

Who?: students enrolled at the University of Konstanz

Where?: all EU countries, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Macedonia (some internships in Switzerland can be funded by the Swiss government).

Erasmus+ funding for internships worldwide: List of partner countries.

Maximum funding duration for Erasmus internships is 4.5 months.

An internship should last 2-12 months. Please note that you have a total of 12 months for your Erasmus+ mobility, during which you can combine study and internship periods as desired, as long as you fulfil the minimum time periods for each.

Graduates can also receive Erasmus+ funding for an internship. The internship must be completed within a year of having finished your degree. Important: You will need to be enrolled when you apply for the internship, but must be exmatriculated before it starts as well as during the entire internship. 

Doctoral students and students with valid reason can apply for Erasmus+ funding for short-term stays abroad within Europe. Length of stay: min. 5, max. 30 days of being in the destination country physically.  A short-term stay has to be combined with a virtual component (=Blended Mobility) of one day minimum. This regulation does not apply for doctoral students.


Application process:

In Baden-Württemberg, all Erasmus+ internships are processed centrally by the Liaison Office for Integrated Traineeships (KOOR Erasmus Services BW) at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. After registration via the KOOR application portal, you can log-in to access your documents and additional information:

Additional information and application documents

Application deadline: Two weeks before your internship starts (Your complete application documents must be uploaded to the KOOR portal).

Please fill in the "Learning Agreement for Traineeship" together with your internship supervisor and have the document signed (by you as the intern, your Konstanz department and the place you will be completing your internship). Your Erasmus+ internship coordinator, Verena Ladegast, will sign the application form.

Erasmus+ mobility grant for internships in Europe

The grant amount depends on the country you will be staying in and the total annual funding budget. There are top up grants for sustainable travel, special needs grants for students with children and special funding for students with disabilities.

Country group 1: DK, FI, IE, IS, LI, LU, NO, SE, UK, CH
Country group 2: AT, BE, CY, ES, FR, GR, IT, MT, NL, PT
Country group 3: BG, CZ, EE, FYROM, HR, HU, LT, LV,  PL, RO, RS, SI, SK, TR

  Students / graduates (2023)
  Monthly amount 
Country group 1: € 750.00
Country group 2 and 3: € 690.00

€ 700.00