International Short Term Programs

The University of Konstanz offers international short term programs (Summer & Winter Schools) for Bachelor and Master students. These one- to four-week courses give students the opportunity to study in Konstanz, take interdisciplinary classes and gain credits. Of course, you also get the chance to experience Lake Constance and the unique Southern German culture.

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Summer School 2023: Innovation and Social Engagement for Europe

The interdisciplinary summer school for Bachelor and Master students from all disciplines took place in the summer of 2023. The students were able to gain many exciting experiences and make new friends throughout Europe.

23th July to 4th August 2023, University of Konstanz

The interactive, international summer school offered students the opportunity to learn about scientific approaches and innovative research projects around the topic of social engagement and to set up their own feet. In the varied course program, they gained insights into the topics of "social entrepreneurship" and "business modeling" and learned how to transform their own study content and individual skills into social projects.

In addition to the courses and workshops, there was also a cultural and interactive program with excursions, boat trips, common BBQs and lots of activities.

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Winter School "European Identities"

Winter School “European Identities” 2023 Focus Topic: Migration 

Interdisciplinary Winter School for Master students

The next Winter School will take place from February 24th to March 3rd 2023 at the University of Konstanz.

The Winter School "European Identities" is designed for Master students of all disciplines who seek to learn about discourses regarding transnational concepts and perspectives on European identities. This year’s focus will be on “Migration” in Europe. In an interdisciplinary seminar, workshops and group projects, participants will receive an overview of the political, historical, economic and cultural framework of European integration and discuss challenges the European society is facing today. 

Aside from the courses and workshops, there will be a rich cultural and social program including a city tour, excursions, a film screening, traditional German dinner and many fun activities which will make this Winter School a unique experience for you!

Language: English

Credits: 3 ECTS


ERUA Students

Course Fee = no costs,  Social Program = 30 € 

Non-ERUA Students 

Course Fee + Social Program = 150 € 

(the social program includes the city tour, trips, film screening, goodbye-dinner and more…) 

Accommodation in Konstanz (optional): 294 € for 7 nights (in shared 2 bedroom hotel room with private bath, breakfast & bus ticket)

► ERUA students can receive travelling and accomodation funding from their home universities!

Application Deadline: December 16, 2022

SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) restrictions: Participants have to be fully vaccinated or recovered recently. 

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Course Program

Mandatory Input Seminars

Critical Approaches to European Migration (Prof. Garbi Schmidt, Roskilde University) 
European Identity and Nation Building (Prof. Kennet Lynggaard, Roskilde University)
Legal Elements of European Migration (Dr. des. Jonas Bornemann, University of Konstanz)
Migration – Aspects from Economic Theory (Prof. Eckhard Wurzel, University of Konstanz) 
Ukrainian Migrants in Germany – Features of Organizing, Research and Analysis of a Web Survey (Dr. Yeliena Kovalska, University of Konstanz)

Selective Workshops

  • "Telling Migration" – Examples from Migration in Literature (Serena Piozzi, University of Konstanz)
  • Creating a Positive Diversity Climate (Marie-Claire Kabengele, Universiy of Konstanz)
  • The Use of Language in Mass Media for Inclusion, Exclusion and Objectivity (Desislava Duridanova, New Bulgarian University) 
  • Gender, Race and Migration in Contemporary Europe: An Afrocentric Perspective (Dr. Abena A. Yalley, University of Konstanz) 
  • Language Means of Inclusion and Exclusion in Questionnaires Used in Academia (Magdalena Bozhkova, New Bulgarian University) 
  • Working Towards Diversity, Inclusion, and Policy Change in a Global Education Context. Where Arts can fit in? (Maria Argyriou, University of the Aegean) 
  • Migrating Ideas, Places, and Objects: Jerusalem in Medieval Europe (Dr. Lenka Panušková, University of Prague)
  • Age and Gender Partialities Based on Sociolinguistic Practices (Ayesha Zafar, University of Konstanz) 
  • European Film and Migration (Dr. Maria Zhukova, University of Konstanz) 
  • Religious Diasporas and New Identity Formations in Europe (Michael Johan Brixtofte Petersen, Roskilde University) 
  • Morals and Motives - Key Conceptual and Empirical Factors within Migration and Mobility Studies (Ayan Yasin, Roskilde University) 
  • The Role of Language in Bias-Free Debating (Charlotte Ballay-Dally, University Paris VIII) 
  • Intercultural Competence Training
  • Language Crash Courses and many more…

Free Time Activities

- Konstanz City Tour 

- Trip to Meersburg (Castle&City Tour) 

- Movie Night 

- Farewell Dinner 

You would rather focus on learning the German language, but still want to continue networking? Check out the Lake Constance Summer Schooll!