Diversity pool

Support for all members of the university

This measure aims to promote the inclusion, appreciation and support of all members of the University of Konstanzand allow for adjustments as per the Code of Practice on Diversity.

The diversity pool programme consists of three components:

(A) Adjustments and support for early career researchers

Early career researchers at the University of Konstanz (doctoral researchers who are either enrolled at or employed by the university, postdoctoral researchers, junior research group leaders, junior professors and scholarship recipients)

The funding is intended to compensate for disadvantages these researchers face as the result of the following situations:

  • disabilities and chronic illnesses
  • long-term effects of an acute illness
  • unplanned need for treatment with medication
  • special family responsibilities as a result of providing care for children or other relatives
  • orientation phase after migrating from or fleeing another country ("scholars at risk"/refugee researchers)
  • other acute and temporary emergencies, e.g. experiencing discrimination, sexual harassment or a dependent relationship

Funding formats:

  • hiring an undergraduate or graduate student assistant in order to delegate certain tasks or as a personal assistant
  • travel expenses to cover special arrangements required for career development, e.g. to attend conferences, meet with mentors and grow networks
  • expenses for empowerment measures for researchers in special circumstances or who have faced stigmatization or prejudice (e.g. based on their skin colour, origin, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or other factors). Such measures can include, for example, external training or personal coaching that is not offered by Academic Staff Development.
  • other costs related to the special circumstances, e.g. workplace retrofit, sign language interpreter, audio induction loop system, travel expenses for accompanying persons
  • bridge funding during a financial emergency related to special circumstances (decided upon by the Equal Opportunity Council)


2-page letter

  • explaining the temporary special circumstances,
  • the impact of the requested funding,
  • the requested amount and type of funding,
  • curriculum vitae/CV



During the funding period, each researcher will meet with the Equal Opportunity Office at least twice to discuss changes in the situation and so that, if necessary, additional measures can be taken.

(B) Additional costs for inviting visiting researchers and lecturers

Target group:

organizers of conferences, workshops, seminars, presentations or guest stays

Funding is provided for additional costs that result from inviting visiting researchers/lecturers who have impairments.

Funding formats:

  • travel and accommodation for accompanying persons
  • costs for ensuring accessibility, e.g. sign language interpreter, audio induction loop system


one-page letter explaining the needs and corresponding funding required (submitted by a member of the University of Konstanz)

(C) Diversity competencies

Target group:

working groups or units at the University of Konstanz

Funding formats:

  • costs for attending an external diversity training event
  • costs for diversity training at the university
  • costs for a teaching assignmenton the topic of diversity


one-page letter explaining the need, expected impact of the training and content as well as the concrete funding required

Please fill out and submit the PDF application form along with the corresponding documentation.