Diversity mentoring

A funding programme promoting diversity in the academic context

The diversity mentoring programme supports early career researchers as they address the particular challenges that arise from special circumstances and academic requirements. The programme also focuses on under-represented groups at the University of Konstanz as well as researchers who have experienced disadvantage or discrimination. 

In a one-to-one mentoring or a group mentoring context, participants meet regularly to share their experiences and support each other. The mentorship lasts one year and also includes a corresponding programme of mandatory events as well as funding for travel and events. The mentors are experienced researchers who generally work outside the University of Konstanz. Mentors who are more advanced researchers can also come from the university.

In their application, mentees should explain what they expect to gain from the programme and which career-related questions they would like to address with their mentor. The programme kicks off with a workshop in which mentors and mentees are matched with each other. Once the participants have signed their mentoring agreements, the group meetings and the accompanying programme start. The mentees evaluate the mentoring programme afterwards.

The programme is comprised of:

- one-to-one mentoring or group mentoring
- regular meetings
- workshops: a kick-off and closing event, information events and career-oriented training, voluntary diversity training

Target group

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who strive for a career in research and who face particular challenges in balancing special circumstances in their lives with requirements of the academic system, including under-represented groups at the University of Konstanz

Application deadline



one year