Gender diversity

Change of Gender and First Name for Students at the University of Konstanz

Please note: this page has been translated automatically. All information in English is provided for information purposes only and not legally binding. Please get in touch with the revelant contact points if you wish to proceed.

In its mission statement and in the Code on Diversity, the University of Konstanz is committed to the diversity of its members and their promotion and stands for a non-discriminatory organizational, academic and teaching culture. In order to increase educational and equal opportunities for members of all genders and also to comply with the legal requirements around the amendment of the Personal Status Act (§ 22, para. 3) in 2018, four categories of gender entries are possible in the electronic recording system as well as in all internal documents of the university: female, male, diverse and without specification.

In connection with this, also before the official change of the civil status of trans*, intersex and abinary persons in all internal documents of the University, the gender indication as well as the first name and, if necessary, one or no salutation shall be allowed to be changed upon request. All responsible parties are bound by official secrecy. Interested students may proceed as follows:

Scenario 1:

The application to change the first name and/or gender has already been filed with the competent court (for Konstanz info below):

  • First of all, please contact the Student Service Centre (SSZ), Department of Student Affairs, regarding your request. (Contact form)
    > Choose „Formalities during your studies“
  • Please bring the copy of the application for change of civil status filed with the court to the consultation.
  • The SSZ enters the change(s) of first name and/or gender only in ZEuS. A new student ID (UniCard) will be issued for the chosen name (Note: It may be advisable to upload a different photo for the UniCard there before making the changes in ZEuS, if a corresponding picture of you is desired). The old UniCard must be returned to the SSZ.
  • The change(s) of the first name and/or gender as well as the chosen or no salutation must additionally be made in the central electronic registration system via the Communication, Information and Media Center (KIM) so that your data can also be adjusted in ILIAS (, SOGo (, etc. Please note the following: Login in ZEuS will only be possible the day after.
  • Please contact ILIAS support ( to have your courses transferred to the new "desk". The login for the university-internal wifi is required again with the changed name. The same applies to the renewed registration with the new UniCard at one of the Canon copiers.
  • Important: Please submit a copy of the court order on the change of first name and civil status to the SSZ after the TSG procedure has been completed.

Scenario 2:

The application to change the first name and/or gender has not yet been filed with the competent court:

  • By showing the supplementary ID card of the German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality (dgti e.V.) it is possible that the newly chosen first name(s) will be deposited in the system by the SSZ as additional first name(s).
  • You can change the e-mail address and the first name(s) displayed for others yourself as follows: Visit the website of the Communication, Information and Media Center (KIM, After logging in, you can enter the desired first name in the "My personal data" tab in the "Displayed name" field and remove the old first name.
  • After changing the e-mail address, your displayed name changes everywhere in the mail system, so that the ILIAS courses may not be displayed at first. In this case, contact the ILIAS support ( The login for the university internal wifi is required again with the changed name.
  • Please note that with this scenario, the birth name and the old form of address will remain on attendance lists, in ZEuS and on the student ID card with the disadvantage of an unwanted outing. Therefore, scenario 1 is currently more recommendable, i.e. to file an application for a change of personal status and/or first name at the competent court in order to be able to have the personal data changed directly and finally at the university with the copy of the application.

Application for official change of first name and civil status in the City of Konstanz

  • You can obtain the application form from the local court in Konstanz (the relevant department is located at Rheingasse 20), fill it out directly there or at your leisure at home and hand it in at this department. The following documents are required as attachments for the application: Copy of birth certificate, certificate of registration with the City of Konstanz, copy of identity card and, if necessary, additionally the supplementary identity card of the dgti e.V..
  • When submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Please ask the person handling the application for a signed copy of it right away. You will need this to change the data or to present it to the University of Konstanz.