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Career? Profession? Job?

It’s what you make of it.


Equal opportunity for men and women in professional contexts is an important quality standard at the University of Konstanz. In order to increase the number of women in areas where they have been under-represented, the Equal Opportunity Representative has been included into the hiring process. Hiring procedures are conducted in a gender-equitable and gender-competent manner.

The overall objective is to recruit more women and to increase their percentage in the individual areas in line with the cascade model. Over the past few years, the university was able to continually increase the number of women newly hired to work in the academic support services.

Continuing education for employees

As per the Bildungszeitgesetz (BzG BW), employees in the state of Baden-Württemberg may request up to five days of paid leave per year for continuing education purposes. You can find a selection of available seminars on the ver.di pages.

Working with the human resources development coordinator, the staff council and the Equal Opportunity Representative, the university’s Human Resources division publishes a comprehensive continuing education programme for university employees twice a year. For the most part, you will be able to attend the events offered in this programme during working hours. You are also free to take advantage of these offers while you are on parental leave.

Some foreign language courses conclude with a certificate, for instance, that will qualify you for a position as a foreign language secretary.

The University of Konstanz’s academic support staff may also take part in an ERASMUS exchange programme. Typically, the university will fund one week-long exchange per department/division per year.

If you want to take advantage of a continuing education course specific to your area of work but which is not offered by the university, please contact your supervisors.

You are also free to attend all courses offered by the university’s departments.

Substitute staff pool

If you work part-time but want to increase your working hours, you can register for our “substitutes and assistants” pool.

Various university units have a recurring need of substitutes, for instance if employees fall ill, go on vacation or take maternal protection or parental leave. During exceptionally busy times, substitutes may be recruited to work on specific projects. Individuals who know their way around the university's structures are particularly well-suited to these tasks.

Human Resources will get in touch with you as soon as they are notified of a vacancy. You can then contact the unit/division in question directly.

If you are interested in joining this pool, please contact the Equal Opportunity Representative (for non-academic staff).

Your advantages

- You will gain additional skills and professional experience, as you would during a job rotation.
- You will have the chance to test whether you can balance professional responsibilities with family life while working longer hours.
- More working hours and pay, which will have a positive effect on your pension.
- Positive effect on your motivation and self-esteem.
- Additional job prospects.

Services for female pupils

Girls’ Day

The fourth Thursday in April is Girls’ Day - a nationwide event for girls during which they can try out various university subjects that are traditionally male-dominated.


The Scientific Engineering Services (Wissenschaftliche Werkstätten) offer one- to two-week internships for school children .