Roundtables for Diversity

The German Rectors' Conference's 'Diversity at German Universities Initiative' is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project is part of the initiative.

The Roundtables for Diversity are a series of moderated workshops, financially supported by the initiative "Diversity at German Universities" of the German Rectors' Conference, that address different aspects of diversity. These five "roundtables" specifically bring together people from diverse populations and create a platform for dialogue between them and members of the university leadership.

Our roundtables offer a direct opportunity for students, lecturers and other university staff, including the university management, to exchange views on central diversity issues. These workshops take their starting points in the everyday experiences and opinions of the participants and open up new, constructive perspectives for the further development of our university.

Our roundtables are designed to facilitate an exchange at eye level and to promote a better understanding of the diverse perspectives of university members. They stand for a direct and open dialogue.

A typical roundtable consists of a two-hour workshop format followed by an informal social exchange over snacks and drinks. This combination of structured learning and informal networking promotes deep and sustained engagement with the diversity issues that affect us all.


Roundtable for Inclusion: Removing barriers together

Dear members of our university community,

We cordially invite you to participate in our upcoming roundtable on the topic of inclusion. This will take place on Tuesday 23 April from 14:30 to 16:30 in conference room K7.

At a time when the importance of inclusion and recognising diversity is increasing in all areas of our society, it is imperative that we also take proactive action within our University community. With the Inclusive University Action Plan, the University aims to implement the goals of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities through an appropriate action plan. Our roundtable focussing on inclusion is an opportunity to participate in the development process. Therefore, the aim of this roundtable is to have an open and constructive discussion about the challenges and opportunities of inclusion and accessibility in our academic environment.

What to expect:

    Introduction: We will give an overview of the efforts and recognisable challenges regarding inclusion at our university so far.
    Discussion: There will be a moderated discussion in two phases. In this way, we want to facilitate a more in-depth discussion. The aim is to identify both existing barriers and innovative solutions to promote an inclusive culture on campus.
    Interactive workshops: Specific topics will be explored in depth in small groups. Here you will have the opportunity to contribute your own experiences and develop concrete proposals together with other participants.
    Networking: At the end of the roundtable, there will be an opportunity for informal dialogue and networking. We encourage all participants to make contacts and initiate collaborations that will last beyond the day.

We are convinced that by working together on these issues, we can take an important step towards a more inclusive and equitable academic environment. Your voice and your perspective - whether you are affected by a chronic illness or disability or not, whether you are a member of staff or a student - are invaluable.

Registration: Participation in the roundtable is only possible after prior registration. Please register via our website ( The number of participants is limited to allow for an intensive discussion.

We look forward to an inspiring afternoon and to exchanging ideas with you!

Invitation to the Roundtable "Welcome Culture - Getting Started at UKN"

On Friday, February 9th, we will be holding our final roundtable on "Welcome Culture - Getting Started at UKN". This roundtable will be held in English.

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the Roundtable "Welcome Culture - Getting Started at UKN." Under the leadership of vice-rector Dorothea Debus this event provides a unique opportunity for newcomers to the university, including new employees, doctoral candidates, students, professors, and anyone joining our academic community, to come together and discuss the importance of a warm and inclusive welcome.

In a rapidly changing academic landscape, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment is essential for the success and well-being of every member of our university. This roundtable aims to explore the concept of a welcoming culture, share insights, and collaborate on ways to ensure that everyone feels valued and included from the moment they join our institution.

We encourage all newcomers and existing members of our university to attend this event to exchange ideas, build connections, and contribute to the development of a warm and inclusive welcome culture.

Since places are limited, advance registration is required. Together, we can make the University of Konstanz a place where every newcomer feels at home and is set up for success. We look forward to welcoming you to this important roundtable. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Diversity in Appointment Committees and Other Selection Processes

On Friday, January 12, 2024 from 14:00 to 18:00, the focus will be on "Diversity in Appointment Committees and Other Selection Processes."

At a time when diversity and inclusion are critical in higher education, it is imperative to ensure that appointment committees and selection processes are fair, diverse, and non-discriminatory. This roundtable aims to share best practices, discuss challenges, and identify new ways to promote diversity at our institutions.

Led by Vice Rector Dorothea Debus and Chancellor Jens Apitz, there will be discussion on best practices for promoting diversity and also sharing of experiences and interactive conversations, as well as networking opportunities and collaboration for further future projects.

We look forward to the participation of leaders, faculty, researchers, and anyone interested in contributing to a more inclusive university culture. Together, we can make our university a place where diversity is encouraged and valued. We hope to see you at this important roundtable.

Places are is limited, so advance registration is required. Be a part of this important discussion and help create a more inclusive university, work and study environment. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Inclusive Leadership and Anti-Discrimination

On Friday, December 01, 2023 from 09:00-13:00, the focus will be on "Inclusive Leadership and Antidiscrimination". Join us for the 3rd session of our roundtable on "Inclusive Leadership and Antidiscrimination"!

This important discussion forum provides an opportunity to explore developments in the areas of inclusive leadership and anti-discrimination. Led by Vice Rectors Dorothea Debus, Malte Drescher and Chancellor Jens Apitz, diverse perspectives and experiences will be shared and discussed. This roundtable is intended to create ideas, motivate, encourage, and address specific circumstances and concerns, resulting in new idea proposals.

Places are limited, so advance registration is required. Be part of this important discussion and help create a more inclusive university, work and study environment! Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Diversity in Study and Teaching

On November 10, 2023, the focus will be on "Diversity in Education and Teaching." On this day, the roundtable offers a platform for the presentation and discussion of diversity in education and teaching. Under the leadership of Vice Rectors Dorothea Debus and Michael Stürner, opportunities, challenges and best practices will be highlighted.

All members of the university are invited to share their perspectives and experiences. Following the event, there will be opportunities for social sharing and hospitality to deepen networking.

Seating is limited, so advance registration is required. Your active participation is critical to fostering a more diverse and inclusive university culture. Snacks and beverages will be provided to ensure your comfort during the event.

First-Generation Academics at the University of Konstanz (Oct 27, 2023)

The first panel discussion revolves around the topic of "First-Generation Academics at the University of Konstanz". With a share of about 36% of first-generation students, we are already above the nationwide average of 29% as found by the Student Survey in Germany (22nd Social Survey). However, we are still below the population percentage.

The panel will be moderated by Rector Katharina Holzinger and Vice Rector Dorothea Debus.

The event will conclude with a relaxed get-together, where there will be an opportunity to deepen conversations and make new contacts. We look forward to your participation and to working together to promote a stronger culture of diversity at our university. Space is limited, so please register in advance. Snacks and beverages will be provided to ensure your comfort during the event.

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When do the roundtables take place?

In the winter semester 2023/24 (October to February), a roundtable will take place once a month on Fridays.

  • First-Generation Academics (students from families without university experience) October: 27.10., 15:30-19:30hrs
  • Diversity in Studies and Teaching November: 10.11., 14:00-18:00 hrs
  • Inclusive leadership and anti-discrimination December: 1.12., 09:00- 13:00hrs
  • Diversity in appointment committees and other selection procedures January: 12 Jan, 14:00-18:00hrs
  • "Welcome Culture" - getting started at the UKN February: 9.2, 14:00-18:00hrs

Where do the roundtables take place?

In K7 (room above the Mensa) with snacks and drinks.

Where can I register?

Due to limited places, registration is required. The project has finished, registrations are suspended.

Free child care is available. Please directly contact Yunuen Mann.

Who can participate?

All those concerned and interested in the topic of the respective roundtable are welcome to participate (students, lecturers and professors, administrative staff, university management).

Food such as snacks and drinks will be provided.

Why do we advocate for these events? Why are these topics so relevant for the university, for you and for us?

Our motivation behind the Roundtables for Diversity is clearly defined. We want to promote a comprehensive discussion and exchange on diversity topics. The aim is to increase knowledge in this area, to identify existing barriers and to review the university's measures and enrich them with new ideas and suggestions.

The roundtables are intended to create an inclusive platform where all participants can communicate with each other at eye level. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on bringing voices to the table that have previously been less represented in the official bodies of the university and whose perspectives have not yet been sufficiently heard.

Our goal is to expand and deepen the diversity strategy of the University of Konstanz through qualitative findings from the roundtables. We want to make possible barriers in everyday university life visible and, building on this, develop and implement concrete suggestions for improvement and new impulses.

The roundtables provide an open platform for all members of our university community, and we cordially invite you to contribute your personal opinions and experiences. Together, we not only want to expand our wealth of knowledge, but also actively contribute to making our university a place that values and promotes the diversity and different perspectives of our members and stakeholders.

Funded by the initiative „Diversity at German Universities“ of German Rectors' Conference