Family friendliness is part of our university culture

The University of Konstanz is committed to ensuring that studies, work and research are compatible with family responsibilities. In doing so, we include all the diverse forms of family and partnership that are lived in our society.

Family friendliness has long been an important part of our university culture and is seen by many university members as a trademark of our university. The institutional approaches to compatibility, the support of university members with family responsibilities and the sensitivity for family-friendly study and working conditions can be found in all university areas.

The family support services address the needs of parents with their children, of dual-career couples and of people caring for their relatives. They make a significant contribution to making the University of Konstanz an attractive place to study, research and work. A desire to have children, the phase of starting a family or the loss of a child are also life circumstances that find a place here and can be discussed in counselling or coaching. Find out more about our wide range of services here.