Studierende lernen im Foyer
Studierende lernen im Foyer

German schools around the world

Cooperation with German schools around the world as part of the BIDS programme

Work with German schools abroad as part of the DAAD programme

„Betreuungsinitiative Deutsche Auslands- und Partnerschulen“ (BIDS)

All students at the University of Konstanz are welcome to apply, especially international students who are pursuing a degree in Konstanz, and who have good and excellent academic achievements. The BIDS programme gives you the unique opportunity to advise, support and tutor interested pupils in their home country until they begin their university studies. When school graduates then start studying in Konstanz, you can help them get acclimated to their new university surroundings. To enable you to do so, the University of Konstanz provides special scholarships (Motivationsstipendien) and maintains long-term relationships with German schools worldwide.

The following German schools around the world are part of the BIDS programme:

  • Willy-Brandt-Schule in Warsaw (Poland)
  • Deutsche Schule Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Deutsche Schule der Borromäerinnen Cairo (Egypt)
  • Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Cairo (Egypt)
  • Deutsche Schule Asuncion (Paraguay)
  • German International School Cape Town (South Africa)

We have carefully selected fitting schools for the programme. Many schoolchildren are motivated to study in Germany as a result of the cooperation. The pupils who have finished their schooling at these institutions have been very successful during their studies in Konstanz afterwards.

Because of the personal support and close contact with students from Konstanz, international pupils will become better acquainted with Germany and be encouraged to study in Germany. The programme helps Germany to strengthen its profile as a great location for research. The University of Konstanz profits clearly from attracting well-prepared, multilingual students with excellent intercultural skills to its campus.