Safely there and back again

Women-only parking spaces

Women-only parking spaces are reserved for women who travel alone and arrive at or leave university premises when it is dark outside and/or at night. These parking spaces are located as close to the university entrances as possible.

If you’re a man or a woman travelling with other men or women, you should not use these parking spaces. Women-only parking spaces are not about privileges or convenience. We want to enable women who are afraid in the dark to reach their car as fast as possible. Excuses such as, “I’ll be gone by nightfall”, or “we’ll leave after lunch” are unacceptable. There are many women who are at university from morning to evening, or work, carry out research or study at university in the afternoons and at night. Please keep the women-only parking spaces available for them all day long.

If you see a women-only sign, please respect everything it implies! By doing so you can help women travelling alone feel safer. If you witness someone parking their car in the women-only spaces who should not be using them, please alert them to the situation. This safety measure depends on your dedication and remains ineffective if you ignore it. Thank you for your understanding.

Meeting point in the university foyer for a safe journey

Please go to the meeting point in the foyer next to the screen to join others who need to reach the parking lot, pass the university woodlands or the Hockgraben. Groups leave every half hour and on the hour.

Meet in the foyer for a safe trip home. You can provide company to each other as you make your way to the parking lots, the bus stop for Egg, as you pass the Hockgraben or walk to Allmannsdorf. By doing so, you can actively increase your own safety and that of your fellow travellers.

This meeting point can help you organize and support each other. Why not pop by the meeting point after attending an event and talk to others who are waiting to depart? It only works if you keep offering this option to others, and, most importantly, if you keep using it yourself!