Say no to violence

A variety of technical gadgets can help scare or defend against potential attackers and may even help you escape. You can purchase yours from your local locksmith, hardware store or arms shop:

Acoustic gadgets

Whistles (e.g. as used in sailing) as well as electronic and gas-powered alarm devices can help scare your attacker and cause him/her to cease the attack. According to the police, there’s a 95% chance of the attacker fleeing after the alarm has been sounded.

Pepper gel rather than pepper spray

Pepper spray is an instrument for turning away animals first and foremost. It comes with the following risks, which is why the police do not recommend that you use it for self-defence purposes:

  • It can’t be targeted precisely and you must first check the direction of the wind before using the spray (if things go wrong, you may end up spraying yourself).
  • It’s easy to whip out of someone’s hand and can be used against you as easily.

Pepper gels are much more precise in this respect.

Our tip: Use the moment of shock your attacker is likely to suffer after he/she is exposed to whatever means you deploy and take the time to run away!