Many roads lead to campus

The links included here will help you learn more about travelling to university safely, whether it's by foot, by bus, on your own bicycle, on an AStA hire bike, a konrad hire bike provided by the City of Konstanz or by car.

To travel safely to university from the corner of Jakob-Burckhardt-Strasse/Friedrichstrasse

  • take the illuminated Fuchsbühlweg, which will take you through the Hockgraben (to the southern entrances)
  • use the cycle lane along Universitaetsstrasse (which will take you straight to the main entrance)
  • follow Jacob-Burckhardt-Strasse and take a left into the Hockgraben just before reaching the newly erected houses (this will take you to the southern entrances)

From Allmannsdorf

  • follow Bettengasse towards the Hockgraben-Sportplatz (sports field) (the path is illuminated and paved)
  • follow the illuminated path from Tannenhof towards Hockgraben-Sportplatz (sports field) and then continue along the southern side of the sports field until you reach the Hockgraben (the path is illuminated and paved)

From Egg

  • cross the bridge and follow the signs for buildings H, G, F (the paths are illuminated and paved)- take the underpass (which has on-demand illumination) and follow the signs for buildings F, E, D, C

From Wollmatingen

  • take the illuminated cycle lane (available on both sides of the road)
  • if you prefer walking, take the footpath (partially illuminated), which will take you through the woods and along the road