Wer sich bewegt, bewegt Europa!

Mehr als 220 Partnerhochschulen und ca. 750 Austauschplätze für Studierende der Universität Konstanz in Europa

Erasmus+ 2014-2020

Wer sich bewegt, bewegt Europa

Erasmus+ Teaching Staff (STA) and Erasmus+ Administrative Staff (STT) is organized in close cooperation between the relevant Academic Department or Administrative Unit.

Please contact the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator for any proposal or request - she will coordinate it with potential hosts. It is very effective to include a short description for your current job  and/or teaching experience as well as the expected outcomes of your visit along with your CV.

Although there are no specific deadlines, we kindly ask for timely request as these activities are handled on an individual basis.

Visits from European Partner Institutions are paid via the Erasmus+ funding of each home institution - requirements and deadlines of the home institution may also apply.

Visits from Erasmus+ ICM partners are funded via Erasmus+ ICM budget of the University of Konstanz:  further information

Staff Weeks  for Administrators

The Konstanz-Essex-Weeks

Since 2014 , the University of  Konstanz and University of Essex (Colchester/United Kiongdom) organize Konstanz-Essex Staff Weeks. Usually in March, annually alternating in Colchester and Konstanz. This was open for staff members of the University of Essex and University of Konstanz only. Due to Brexit, this format can no longer be financed within the Erasmus scheme.

Erasmus+ Staff Weeks

Inviations are sent out to partner institutions  in Europe and our KA107 network and published on Imotion (Erasmus Staff Training) in summer, application deadline usually end of September. This is open to  about 20 representatives of Higher Education Institutions dedicated to the overall topic, an active participation is expected. Language of communication is English.

2017, 3-7 Dec   Support services for international students and academics

2018, 3-6 Dec  "Third Mission" – structures and examples for university civic engagement

2019, 2 -3 May 1st E-Phil Meeting Erasmus+ departmental coordinators from the Philologies jointly organized by University of Marburg and University of Konstanz in Konstanz.

2019, 2 - 5 Dec "Digital Internationalization"  Strategies for international offices, international E learning formats, and new approaches for administration: examples and best practice  

2020 Dec  Cancellation due to COVID-19 situation

2021, 21-22 June  Virtual Appetizer - Staff Days for ERUA and other partners

2022, 5-7 Dec "Sustainable.togteher" approaches and challenges towards sustainable universities