Performance-based funding at the University of Konstanz

Responsibilities and goals of the AFF and internal research funds

The Committee on Research (AFF) supports the development of the university’s research profile. It reviews internal proposals for performance-based start-up and co-financing of research projects and submits funding recommendations to the Rectorate. It is chaired by the Vice-rector for Research, Academic Staff Development and Research Infrastructure.

The AFF allocates funds solely based on performance. All funds allocated for the basic funding of professorships or the promotion of junior researchers from the university budget and the German Excellence Strategy are distributed by the AFF through a competitive review and assessment process. The only selection criterion is the scientific and academic performance of the applicants. Only professors and outstanding post-doctoral researchers from the University of Konstanz can apply for these funds.

The university’s Research Support team informs you about current calls for proposals on its website and in the research news.

AFF funding programmes

AFF main and supplementary call

Professors and outstanding postdoctoral researchers at the University of Konstanz can apply for performance-based funding to cover costs for student assistants and material resources as well as dissertation completion funding. Applications may be submitted to

– the annual main call, deadline 15 October or to
– the supplementary call for new university members, deadline 15 June.

You cannot apply for funding from AFF and from YSF at the same time.

Please log in by clicking on the icon "My University" in the upper right-hand corner to check the application documents.

Dissertation completion funding

Please note that the funding line " Dissertation completion grants" has been exhausted for 2024. The AFF has already allocated all available months of funding.

Supervisors can apply for dissertation completion grants (50% TV-L E 13 staff position for up to three months) to support their doctoral researchers in the final stage of their thesis work

Proposals usually form part of the AFF annual or supplementary call, but can also stand alone. Please log in by clicking on the icon "My University" in the upper right-hand corner to download the application templates for stand-alone applications.

Prize of the Dr. K. H. Eberle Foundation

Dr. K. H. Eberle Foundation

The purpose of the Dr. K. H. Eberle Foundation is to promote science and research. To that end, the foundation awards research prizes at the University of Konstanz for research projects and outstanding achievements. The selected projects serve to initiate cutting-edge and innovative research ideas. In addition, they enhance the universities' profile and contribute to their further developments.

Selection criteria:

  • Level of innovation, societal relevance and sustainability
  • Contribution to the continuous profile development of the University of Konstanz
  • Contribution to creating added value in the region as well as to internationalization

The call for the prize will be issued in the first quarter of 2024. The prize money is 100,000 euros. For more information, visit

Messmer Foundation Research Awards

Promoting science and research is one of the purposes of the Werner and Erika Messmer Foundation, based in Radolfzell, Germany. Each year, the foundation awards one research prize per faculty at the University of Konstanz for research projects and outstanding achievements.

Selection criteria

  • Innovation potential and perspective of the research idea (to what extent does it contribute to the scientific and social relevance of a research area?)
  • Research excellence of the project and of the researcher
  • Feasibility of the plans
  • Ideas to involve schools and school students in the research project are especially welcome (optional criterion)

You can find the call for applications and the funding guidelines online.

Application deadline: Monday, 11 March 2024

Email for applications:

For more information, visit

Funding lines in the framework of the Excellence Strategy

Please log in by clicking on the icon "My University" in the upper right-hand corner for informationen on calls and the application process in the framework of the Excellence Strategy, especially concerning the funding lines:

  • Research Initiatives: help you to prepare major collaborative research projects
  • Network Platforms: allow you to identify a subject and to build a consortium for collaborative research projects
  • Blue Sky Research Endeavours: support excellent, risky indiviudal research and smaller collaborative projects
  • Infrastructural Platforms (Core Facilities): provide major instrumentation and help you to build up the necessary know-how and support services
  • Transfer Platforms: facilitate knowledge transfer by supporting your collaboration with partners from society, industry, politics, and culture

Young Scholar Fund (YSF)

In the context of the Excellence Strategy, the University of Konstanz would especially like to improve the working conditions for its early career researchers. For this purpose, the Young Scholar Fund (YSF) has a limited amount of funding available for postdoctoral researchers. The three YSF funding lines address different stages and/or requirements during the time between completing a doctorate and becoming a professor:

  • YSF open start-up funding and co-funding call for research projects  for all early career researchers at the University of Konstanz who hold a doctoral degree
  • YSF co-funding for research projects for junior professors, junior research group leaders and experienced early career researchers with a doctorate at the University of Konstanz who have secured funds in support of their own position or a staff position in an ongoing externally funded project
  • YSF Bridge Fellowship to cover the waiting period for a funding decision for excellent early career researchers with a doctorate who have submitted an application for external funding for their own position at the University of Konstanz

Please visit the Young Scholar Fund (YSF) website for further information on open and upcoming calls.

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