Informationsbroschüre "Für eine Kultur der Kreativität"
Brochure "Towards a Culture of Creativity"

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing serves as the university's central platform for science communication, marketing and knowledge transfer. It represents all areas of the university, connects them to internal and external audiences and coordinates the way the university presents itself. In order to engage in lively dialogue with society, Communications and Marketing manages the university's strategic relations and highlights the achievements of its members in Germany and abroad.

Current news

Which chemicals disrupt child development?

Information about whether industrial chemicals impede brain development is only available for a very small number of chemicals. A new procedure aims to fix this problem without using animal testing. At a conference organized by CAAT-Europe at the University of Konstanz, researchers as well as representatives from industry and regulatory authorities met with a delegation of the OECD to initiate new legislation.

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Of science and conscience

In public statements by researchers, it is sometimes difficult to separate private persons from their official roles. Political scientist Gabriele Spilker shares how this can work.

Exzellent gefragt!

What exactly is swarm intelligence? How do politicians make decisions, and how do animal swarms? Can the use of AI in the workplace succeed? On July 18, 2024, scientists from the two Konstanz Clusters of Excellence will answer your questions.

New DFG research unit "DynaSym"

How different species interact with each other, for example as predator and prey, is by no means fixed and can depend on the prevailing environmental conditions. Which factors play a role in this process is the focus topic of the new DFG research unit "DynaSym", with the participation of the University of Konstanz. The unit's spokesperson is Lutz Becks.

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