Informationsbroschüre "Für eine Kultur der Kreativität"
Brochure "Towards a Culture of Creativity"

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing serves as the university's central platform for science communication, marketing and knowledge transfer. It represents all areas of the university, connects them to internal and external audiences and coordinates the way the university presents itself. In order to engage in lively dialogue with society, Communications and Marketing manages the university's strategic relations and highlights the achievements of its members in Germany and abroad.

Current news

Enough water for everyone?

Whether infrastructure such as the supply of water is sustainable and how many people benefit from it depends on more than just technical factors. The decisive role cultural dimensions play in the context of infrastructure is one of the core topics that researchers at the Centre for Cultural Inquiry (ZKF) at the University of Konstanz are investigating.

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Contract check at the push of a button

Pioneering work in law and computer science project: using a logic-based model to automatically test company purchase agreements for inconsistencies. The project is conducted at the Centre for Human | Data | Society at the University of Konstanz.

Curveball at the microscopic scale

The Magnus effect causes the curved trajectory of spinning footballs or tennis balls, and it can even be used for the propulsion of ships. A team of physicists led by Clemens Bechinger have now documented, for the first time, the existence of the Magnus effect at the microscopic scale.

Shadow profiles: the data of others

Shadow profiles in social networks contain information about people who are not members. At the moment, shadow profiles are almost impossible to prevent using technical means, pose a collective problem for society and are a matter that has gone virtually unregulated so far. This is where the Centre for Human | Data | Society at the University of Konstanz brings its perspective to the table: "Individual solutions will not fully protect our privacy."

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