Studierende arbeiten und besprechen sich im Foyer
Studierende arbeiten und besprechen sich im Foyer

Equality, family friendliness and diversity

The University of Konstanz is actively committed to gender-equitable science, and to ensuring that scientific work is compatible with family responsibilities.In the sense of a diversity-friendly organization, we design research and working conditions in which each individual can optimally develop and flourish.

In addition to structural and strategic approaches such as the Gender Code, the Diversity Code, and the signing of the "Family in Higher Education" charter, the university offers comprehensive support for doctoral researchers through the Department for Equality, Family Support, and Diversity:

Konstanzia MEiN (Mentoring with Experts and international Networking) for female PhD students who wish to remain in academia.

Mentoring programme Konstanz for female doctoral researchers planning to start a career outside academia.

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Science with Child, the program for all scientifically active parents or pregnant women. In order to be informed about current announcements or events in the area of science with children, you can register with the following link in our corresponding mailing list.

Support for the care of relatives.

Diversity mentoring for young scientists with special challenges.

Diversity pool for funding to compensate for disadvantages.

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