Equal opportunities numbers and facts

The University of Konstanz has established an extensive gender equality monitoring process. It focuses specifically on the share of women at all academic qualification levels, in professorial appointment processes, in leadership positions and in university bodies. This monitoring information is included in the university’s controlling and data portal, which provides gender-specific data and reports. Ambitious gender equality targets for every academic qualification level and for every university department were set in the university's Gender Equality Plan. Targets and measures are evaluated in regular meetings.

The graph illustrates the percentages of women at all academic qualification levels (as of 1 Dec 2023) and the targets for the share of women in 2028.

Women's and men's shares as of 1 Dec 2023 and targets 2028

Women's shares are higher with students, group leaders and tenure track professorships. In all other categories they are lower than men's.
Graphics of women's and men's shares 2023 and targets 2028

The equal opportunities targets for every university department can be downloaded after login.

Network for Equal Opportunities Controlling at Universities

The University of Konstanz is a member of the Netzwerk Gleichstellungscontrolling. This is an exchange platform on current developments regarding equal opportunities and university development as well as their implementation in equal opportunities controlling efforts (e.g. topics like system accreditation, designing plans for the advancement of women, performance indicators and statistics). Experts from the field of equal opportunities controlling participate in the network in order to exchange good practices, further develop the field of equal opportunities controlling and share their expertise on topics such as planning, managing, implementing and promoting equal opportunities efforts.

In 2017 the network published a Guideline for targets and the cascade model (only available in German), that provides advice for modelling and implementation of targets for gender equality at universities.