Equal Opportunities in the Research (Funding)

A successful equal opportunity strategy creates a tremendous amount of added value: equal opportunity impacts research quality as a broader spectrum of talent becomes available …]
DFG Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality (FOGS), 2008

Gender consulting is an information and consultation service for researchers in planned and existing joint research projects provided by the Office for Equal Opportunity.

Our goal is to support research projects as they apply for external funding by creating individualised equal opportunity concepts. Our team provides information, advice and support services during all project phases:

Project phaseOur servicesOur objectives
Draft / full proposalIntegrating the University of Konstanz’s overall equal opportunity strategy into the planned research project while customising the strategy to fit the requirements of the joint research project.Creating a concept which includes structural and individualised measures
On-site evaluationImplementing the concept, presenting the measuresAssisting the joint research project on-site (in a plenum, with a poster)
During the funding periodProviding individualised measures and services for researchers, monitoring the funding for the Gender Equality Measures module (DFG), etc.Providing advice on and support with central, project-overreaching services, creating customised services, events, etc.

What role does equal opportunity play in research(funding)?

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Gender equality as a success factor in the application process

National and international third-party funders (DFG, MWK, BMBF, EU Horizon) require research projects to have a gender equality concept that stands out from general standards. Gender equality is a decisive criterion in the approval of funding.

Gender- and diversity dimension in research

The integration of gender dimension in research content has become a formal requirement throughout the Horizon Europe program as of January 1, 2022. The DFG also requires the inclusion of both aspects in research projects. This can lead to the improvement of research quality, broadening of the research spectrum and the new perspectives. Gender Consulting offers an overview of possible gender and diversity dimensions that may be relevant for your research project (more information in the internal area after registration).

What can Gender Consulting do for the collaborative research projects?

Throughout the university...
Structurally anchored in the Equal Opportunity Office, our Gender Consultants work at the interface between university management and research, use synergies with other departments and have established close cooperation with them (Academic Staff Development, Research Support, Zukunftskolleg).

In addition to individual consulting and implementation of tailor-made measures, we coordinate joint activities and contribute to networking between the research collaborative projects. Furthermore, Gender Consulting stays in constant contact with the  third party funding bodies, e.g. regarding questions on the financial feasibility of gender equality measures, and provides information and know-how with regard to gender dimensions in research, gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity.

...and beyond!
Additionally, our gender consulting team actively networks (with other equal opportunity professionals) in the national Network GenderConsulting in Collaborative Research Projects to assure the highest quality of services.

Participation and offers of Konstanzia Programme

Participation in the programme "Science Goes Family"

  • Flexible working conditions for researchers with children
  • Laboratory support for pregnant and breastfeeding researchers
  • Travel/childcare expenses for researcher parents

Link to the programme "Science Goes Family"

Equal opportunity Measures and Events


1. Workshops, trainings and lectures devoted to the following topics:

  • Career advancement and further qualification of young female academics
  • Anti-bias and awareness for all members of the collaborative research project

2. Career lunches and networking meetings for female researchers

3. Cultural events featuring female role models

Future & Past Events

Theater performance about life and work of Emmy Noether (1882–1935) - one of the most influential mathematicians of the last century. A unique personality and a great role model in the history of mathematics and theoreical physics.

Emmy Noether (1882 –1935) war eine der einflussreichsten Mathematikerinnen des letzten Jahrhunderts.
Ihre Werke haben die moderne Algebra nachhaltig geprägt und der Mathematik und theoretischen Physik neue
Wege eröffnet. Eine einzigartige Persönlichkeit und ein Rollenvorbild.


Anti-Bias Talk. The uptake, processing and saving of information in the human mind is limited by several adaptive responses to information overload. However, some of these responses come in the form of biases that might cause us to discriminate unjustly against others without intending to do so. This talk will give a brief overview of the relevant research on the topic and point towards solutions.

SPP 2196

Leading Successfully Despite Bias - Interactive executive level training. Project Leaders are in a powerful position to influence both working groups and organizations. This influence comes with challenges: The influence of interpersonal power on decision making, the influence of informational and cognitive biases and the lack of good information, just to name three. With the knowledge gained in this trainig the participants will be better able to use their formal position to foster a more gender equitable and inclusive workplace.

SFB 1432

Workshop and Training on importance and development of effective strategic networks in academia and awareness of gender differences with regard to networking behaviour.

SFB 1432

A cultural event devoted to the brilliant scientist and courageous pioneer Maria Skłodowska-Curie: physicist,
chemist, discoverer of the elements polonium and radium, first female professor at the Sorbonne, first
woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first and only woman to win two Nobel Prizes.

The programme includes a virtual visit of the Museum of Maria Skłodowska-Curie in Warsaw and screening  of the biographical film Radioactive (2019).