When there’s a baby on board

Pregnant in the workplace

Please make an appointment to see the Equal Opportunity Representative as soon as you realise that you’re pregnant to learn aboutsafety issues, regulations and the support services available relevant for you, and to discuss your replacement during the maternity and parental leave periods.

Even if you are not prepared to announce your pregnancy to your division yet, we recommend that you make an appointment with the Equal Opportunity Representative as soon as you learn of your pregnancy. Here, you will find information about Mutterschutz (maternity protection), Elternzeit (parental leave), and Elterngeld Plus (extended parental leave allowance). Together, we can plan your parental leave, replacement and re-joining the workforce.

Safety for you and your child

The in-house physician or safety engineer will check if your workplace is exposed to PCB. If the pollution levels are too high, you will be provided an alternative workplace. Special safety provisions apply to pregnant women working in laboratories due to the potential presence of hazardous materials. You are not permitted to carry out certain types of tasks while you are pregnant. Please read the information provided by Occupational Safety carefully.

Maternity protection

The maternity protection period usually starts six weeks prior to the anticipated birth of your child and ends eight weeks afterwards. The university can hire a replacement while you are taking maternal leave. Read the new maternity protection regulations here.

Holiday entitlement

The period for which you can earn holiday leave lasts through the end of your maternity protection period (typically eight weeks after the birth of your child). For instance, if your maternity protection period ends in December, you are entitled to your entire annual leave. If the maternity protection period ends in January, you are entitled to one twelfth of your annual leave for that year. You can take your leave prior to the birth of your child or after your parental leave period. You cannot earn holiday leave while you are on parental leave.

Overlapping transitional periods

To settle a maternity leave replacement in his/her new job, or to secure a smooth transition when you return from parental leave, you can request an overlapping transitional period of up to two weeks. You can split this period between the beginning and end of the replacement period. More information about how to file an application is available from the human resources coordinator, Renate Pfeifer.

Additional points of contact

ProFamilia Service point Konstanz, Reichenaustrasse 5a, 78467 Konstanz, GERMANY, phone: +49 7531-26390, Fax +49 7531-15416, konstanz@profamilia.de Advice on all questions and problems in connection with relationships, sexuality, family planning and pregnancy provided by expert consultants.

The Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen in Konstanz (Catholic women’s social services) advises individuals from Konstanz and beyond on pregnancy, children’s and youth aid as well as school, providing consultations, meetings, play groups etc.