If all else fails

Emergency support

Childcare during business trips or continuing education

All staff members can have work-related babysitter costs reimbursed. Expenses will only be reimbursed for absolutely essential business travel outside of the regular working hours. Childcare expenses incurred during your absence will be reimbursed. Please submit a written request for the following costs up to a limit of 250 euros per child:

  • expenses for childcare services during an absence outside your regular working hours, or
  • travel costs for a carer the child is familiar with, or
  • in case your child requires breastfeeding: travel and childcare expenses if the carer travels with the mother.

Please submit a written request and your approved travel request to Human Resources. Please submit the receipts and/or invoices after the trip.

Special leave for taking care of a sick child

If you are insured by a statutory health insurance provider and care for your sick child of no more than 12 years yourself, you are entitled to special leave. You can request up to ten days of unpaid leave per calendar year. Your insurance provider will then reimburse 80% of your salary. For each child, each parent is eligible for 10 days of unpaid leave per year. The maximum you can request is 25 work days per calendar year. Single parents are entitled to 20 work days per child, the maximum being 50 work days per calendar year.

Civil servants and privately ensured employees are entitled to a maximum of four days of paid leave per calendar year and child.

Please submit the medical certificate and request for special leave to Human Resources.

If the special leave you are entitled to is not sufficient you can also use up your flexdays. Alternatively, you can request paid or unpaid vacation.