Hochschulpartnerschaften der Universität Konstanz auf einer Karte
Hochschulpartnerschaften der Universität Konstanz auf einer Karte

Internships abroad

A stay abroad is a valuable advantage for your career as well as an enriching personal experience. We would be happy to assist you with applying for internships or jobs abroad.

In order to find a suitable internship abroad, you will need a good deal of initiative and organisational talent. Even if your very first application may be successful: organising everything often takes up a lot more time than you would expect. Also, applying for mobility grants usually takes much longer than applying for a regular grant. We recommend that you start collecting the relevant information at least one year before your planned stay abroad.

Feel free to take advantage of our CV check service for English job applications and drop by our walk-in advising, for example. Please remember though that we are not native speakers and cannot provide feedback on your spelling and grammar!

Information portals for general questions (mainly in German)


Information from the Arbeitsagentur (federal job agency) about searching for internships and jobs abroad


Lots of information about internships, programmes and service providers (non-profit and for-profit)

Wege ins Ausland (paths to going abroad)

Information portal about opportunities for completing internships (and other stays) abroad

Quality check for your internship abroad

Internships abroad

There are various ways to find an internship abroad. The following portals offer good overviews of current offerings in different countries:

EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal

The Freie Universität Berlin offers information about regional internship and job portals in its country directory. There, you will also find country-specific content.

Scholarships for internships abroad

The following websites provide information (mainly in German) on scholarships for internships abroad:


Funding programmes from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and other institutions

ERASMUS Placements (International Office University of Konstanz)

Competitions for scholarships within Europe


Detailed information and scholarships for internships in Europe

IAESTE internships in the sciences

Scholarships for internships offered by the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

InWent (developing and emerging countries)

A list of organisations offering and funding internships provided by InWent gGmbH.

Haniel scholarship programme

The Haniel scholarship programmes are offered for Asian, Central and Eastern European countries.