A compass for orientation


Which job suits me?


Knowing your interests, goals and strengths is important for professional orientation. Self-analysis tests can be a good starting point to clarify which career path is right for you. We have put together some personality and professional aptitude tests for you, to help you with your self-assessment.

Career websites & Salary benchmarks

In order to orient yourself professionally, you need information about the possible professions and occupational fields. Also the salary level may play an important role for you. Career websites and salary benchmarks are a good starting point for initial orientation.

#dreamjob - Starting a career. Insights from our alumni.

Would you like some specific examples? In the interview series #dreamjob, alumni of the University of Konstanz talk about their personal career start. How did they end up in their job? What does everyday work life look like in the various professions? And what do they enjoy most? Get inspired!

Job Shadowing

You can get even more specific information about an occupational field with Job Shadowing. As a job shadow you follow a professional for one day at work. This way, it offers you the opportunity to get to know the work routine in a specific professional field or company in a very short time. It can help you to get information about different career prospects and business cultures, and to establish first professional contacts. More information on Job Shadowing.