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A good internship can boost your career start immensely.

Your internship is not only a mandatory task. It can also make your career start a lot easier. Employers pay particular attention to the practical experience of applicants. In addition, internships give you the opportunity to establish first professional contacts which can be really helpful in the future. Investing time and effort in your internship can really boost your future career.

General conditions

An internship offers you the opportunity to orient yourself professionally, check your own interests and skills and develop new skills. In order to gain real practical experience, you should make sure that certain framework conditions are met when looking for an internship.

Job search

You can pursue different strategies to find an internship. First of all, you can search for advertised positions in internship and job portals. If you have a specific company in mind where you would like to do an internship, it is always worth taking a look at the company's website - usually, advertised positions are published there. Often, however, internships are not even advertised because employers assume that you will contact them on your own initiative if you are interested in working with them. So take the initiative and enquire about internship options, even if you do not find any internship announcements on the company’s website.

Organisational matters

Even after your application was successful and you have got the internship, there is still a lot to do. Here you will find some tips on which organisational matters you should not forget.

Internships abroad

International experience is always a valuable advantage for your career. In order to find a suitable internship abroad, however, a lot of initiative and organisational talent is required. Here you will find tips and resources for your internship search abroad.

eLearning tool internship

Do you want to get even more out of your internship? Our eLearning tool doesn't only help you with job search and application but also guides you through your internship from first day to final meeting. Get valuable tips and information for every phase of your internship from our eLearning tool.

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