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Assessment centre

An assessment centre is a method used in the applicant selection process. During group assessment centres, applicants spend one to two days completing individual and group work. You will be observed and evaluated as you complete assigned tasks. The goal is to assess your suitability, skills and competencies for the position and identify the ideal person for the job.

You are evaluated based on pre-determined criteria.

It makes sense for you to consider which requirements are likely relevant for the business and position.

Both individuals and groups can be asked to roleplay - the individual roleplays are usually significantly shorter.

Kinds of assessment centre tasks

Intelligence, proficiency and personality tests

These tests are designed to test your ability to concentrate and reason as well as to identify your personality traits.

Inbox/in-tray exercise

During this exercise, applicants work under time constraints to organise tasks in an inbox according to importance and urgency. Sometimes the exercise is disrupted by unexpected events, e.g. a meeting being re-scheduled. The goal is to test your stress-resistance, your flexibility and your ability to organise yourself.

Presentation (on yourself)

You might be asked to simply present yourself or address a specific question.

Unmoderated group discussions (with or without assigned roles)

A group of individuals talks about a set topic. The goal is to develop a solution or reach a decision together. (The discussion often involves the issue of limited resources, like how to allocate a team’s company car).

Case studies

Your approach to finding a solution as well as the solution itself are evaluated. At the close, you will need to present a solution to the problem.


Two applicants are asked to roleplay a fictional conversation. Usually you are asked to talk about company-specific topics or conflict situations.