Pulling together

Networks of equality and equal opportunities

Outstanding gender equality projects and initiatives are emerging at the University of Konstanz. Through exchange with professional colleagues from other universities and institutions, many initiatives mature into thoroughgoing measures. The staff of the Equal Opportunity Office are therefore involved in numerous networks on science management and thus play a formative role in shaping the university system.

LaKoG – Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an den wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen Baden-Württemberg

The LaKoG is the association of the equal opportunity representatives of the universities, colleges of education and the colleges of music and art in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

bukof – Bundeskonferenz der Frauenbeauftragten und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an Hochschulen

The bukof is the association of women's and equal opportunity representatives at universities. In it, the members work together to fulfill their tasks in the area of the advancement of women and equality at universities. In particular, the bukof represents the interests of women at universities for all types of universities and member groups. It forms working groups in which thematic initiatives and issues are dealt with.

AK BfC - Arbeitskreis der Beauftragten für Chancengleichheit Baden-Württemberg

The working group BfC is the association of the equal opportunity representatives for non-academic staff at the universities of Baden-Württemberg. In order to fulfill their tasks, the BfC work constructively and critically on legislative projects of the state government that affect their area of application through statements and initiatives.

Netzwerk Gleichstellungscontrolling an Universitäten

The University of Konstanz is an active member of the Network Equal Opportunity Controlling at Universities, in which the Freie Universität Berlin, the Technische Universität Berlin, the University of Jena, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Ruhr University Bochum, as well as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology continue to cooperate. At the annual conference, the network invites interested colleagues from universities to exchange and network.

Internationale Bodenseehochschule (IBH)

As the "International Lake Constance University" (IBH), the member universities form an active network and thus use synergies in an organized manner for their common benefit. Universities, researchers, teachers and students exchange knowledge and resources and use them mutually.

Projects for structural development and with study and research purposes are the contents of the multilateral cooperation agreements that the members conclude with each other. A prerequisite for joint projects between universities is that they cross national borders.

GeX - Gleichstellung in den Exzellenzuniversitäten

The University of Konstanz actively participates in the network of gender equality actors of the previous and current universities of excellence (GeX). The focus of the cooperation is the exchange on gender equality goals, strategies and measures in the excellence initiative as well as quality assurance and development of gender equality processes.

Netzwerk Gender Consulting

The network Gender Consulting in Research Associations is an association of gender equality actors involved in gender consulting and the development and implementation of gender equality measures for research associations at universities.