Family friendly campus

Special offers for special needs

Rest and recovery during pregnancy

Pregnant women who are looking for rest and relaxation and want to recharge their batteries during the day will find the following options for recliners on campus. Take the opportunity to relieve your body and treat yourself and your baby to regular relaxation. In rest lies strength and health!

Nursing and changing room in K 501 (lockable)

Here you will find a red sofa and a telephone.

The Nursing and Recovery Room
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Nice play corner and retreat for students with children

On the B4 level in a corner of the "Bib Café" you will find children's books, toys and space to rest.

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Family corner in the canteen (Mensa)

There is a separate area opposite the cafeteria where parents can eat with their children in peace. There are also bowls and bibs for the children opposite the food counter.


The KidsBox is a mobile children's room and facilitates flexible childcare. As part of the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality", it offers support for researchers in reconciling an academic career and family.  In exceptional cases, the KidsBox can be taken to the personal work or meeting room to look after a child. It is equipped with wheels that enable quick and safe transport to the workplace. The KidsBox can be booked via the excellence cluster's website.

The KidsBox includes:

•    travelling bed (for children up to 15 kg/33lbs)
•    foldable mattress and yogamat to play on the ground
•    table/chair to to fix to desk (for children up 15 kg/33lbs)
•    stool and desk for older children
•    books, jigsaws, toys, pencils and more
•    Consumables (wipes, changing pads, disinfectant)

As the KidsBox is used communally, we ask you to observe the operating instructions. More images of the KidsBox...

Take a break in the relaxation room E780a

Sudden headaches, circulation problems or just the desire to put your feet up and relax - you can do this in the new relaxation room on E780a with a beautiful view of the inner courtyard and the Mainau.

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Main library

Loungers are placed here on several levels (see picture gallery).

Light (camping) beds may also be placed in other locations in the library.

Work Safety

For employees of the University there is the possibility to borrow couches from Work Safety and to have them placed in the office or in another place in the department by the Facility Management during the period of pregnancy. To do this, contact Susann Richter from Work Safety, phone 8005 or 3764.

Biological teaching collection ("University zoo") on level M6 (M621 - 623b and 626)

Interested families can observe and marvel at both live and taxidermied animals here.


Below the Kinderhaus is the Hockgraben. There, parents can go for a walk with their children and take a break at the watering hole.

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University watercourse

On hot days, parents can relax here with their children.

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