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This programme offers financial support to co-fund the human and material resources needed for  projects at the Zukunftskolleg (such as student/research assistants, conferences, equipment, research trips or consumables).

Funding applications in excess of EUR 10,000 must be submitted for review to the Chair of the Senate Committee for Research ('Ausschuss für Forschungsfragen' - AFF) or to an expert nominated by the chair of the committee.

Who may apply?

Research Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows, Hector Pioneer Fellows and Senior Fellows of the Zukunftskolleg are entitled to apply for co-funding.


Fellows of the Zukunftskolleg are invited to apply for co-funding anytime. Regardless of the amount, applications should be directed to Mihaela Mihaylova.

There are no strict regulations concerning the form or content of an application. However, experience has shown that informal applications often omit important information that is critical for the decision-making bodies. Applications should address the following aspects:

  • Name and complete contact information of applicant (telephone number, university mail box and email address)
  • Short cv (3 pages max.)
  • University department and chair with which the Fellow is associated
  • Title of the research project, for which co-funding is sought
  • Detailed description of co-funding application, including timeframe of the planed activities
  • Justification for funding, including expected results. The relevance for your current project should be established. Furthermore, an explanation should be provided as to why the funds you are applying for cannot be covered by the project budget or other sources
  • Details on the funding for which you are applying, in particular how the funds are to be used
  • Funding for personnel: Name (if already known) as well as salary group or category (student assistant, graduate assistant, etc.), number of hours and total amount
  • Equipment: Details on the model and manufacturer, if known, and a price quote
  • Archive and research trips: Reasons for and length of trip, destinations, details of costs with appropriate quotes
  • Conferences: Type of participation (lecture, panel member, chair, poster presentation). Copy of invitation and/or copy of conference program, details of costs with appropriate quotes
  • Date (no automatic date entries!) and applicant’s signature

For more information on the application, please check the Fellow Handbook (for logged-in users only).