Research Videos of Fellows

In summer term 2019, the Zukunftskolleg launched its first "Zukunftskolleg Video Award". The award is part of our network activities with our 23 sister institutions in Europe (NetIAS), and was initiated on the occasion of the European Researchers` Night on 27 September 2019. The aim was to produce a video that only takes about 3 minutes and presents the fellow´s individual research or a joint research project. In total, nine fellows took part in the film shooting and the video award competition.

Every month, we present here one of the results – starting with Jennifer Randerath, the happy winner of our precious 2019 Zukunftskolleg Video Award. Enjoy and feel free to share the videos!

Research Video of Stefan Fischer (Philosophy)

Research Video of Moritz von Brescius (History and Sociology)

Research Video of Roxana Halbleib (Economics)

Research Video of Cornelia Klocker (Law)

Research Video of Thomas Böttcher (Chemistry)

Research Video of Andrea Lailach-Hennrich (Philosophy)

Research Video of Jolle Jolles (Biology)

Research Video of Udith Dematagoda (Literature)

Research Video of Jennifer Randerath (Psychology)