ZuKo Podcast Series

The Zukunftskolleg offers various possibilities for all early career researchers at the University of Konstanz to advance and fund their reasearch projects, such as an Independent Research Grant, a Mentorship Programme or funding for Transdepartmental Teaching courses. To better promote these funding options, we started a ZuKo podcast series in cooperation with KIM Recording.

Each podcast episode will present one funding programme, starting with Episode 0 in which the Zukunftskolleg itself is introduced. Enjoy listening!

ZuKo Podcast Episodes

Episode 0

Episode 1

In this episode we present the Independent Research Grant which is a perfect programme especially for researchers in the early phases of their career. And how better to do that than to let one experienced winner tell us how she got to apply for it!

ZuKo Podcast Episode 1

Episode 2

In this episode we present the Mentorship Programme which is for non-tenured researchers at the university to network with prominent colleagues both in Germany and abroad. Established researchers in their field can be invited as mentors to Konstanz for a few days and to strengthen cooperation by in turn visiting them. Eva Lievens from the Department of Biology has successfully applied to the Mentorship Programme and reports in the Podcast about her experiences.

ZuKo Podcast Episode 2

Episode 3

In this episode of the ZuKo Podcast, we present the Intersectoral Cooperation Programme and welcome Jennifer Randerath from the Department of Psychology as our guest. Since 2015 she has been a Research Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg and the Head of her Junior Research Group Motor-Cognition and Neurorehabilitation Lab.
The Intersectoral Cooperation Programme supports cooperation of joint research projects between the academic and non-academic sector with mutual benefits, research dissemination and public outreach initiatives. Non-academic sector meaning industrial partners, companies, social and cultural institutions, archives, public bodies or non-profit organizations.

ZuKo Podcast Episode 3