simplified depiction of communication and decision-making structures

Organisation and Bodies

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the supreme decision-making body of the Zukunftskolleg. It consists of five elected fellows, one Senior Fellow, the director and the Vice-rector for Research and Academic Staff Development of the University of Konstanz. The strong representation of fellows in the Executive Committee is part of the early independence that the Zukunftskolleg promotes: The fellows take care of their own concerns. As members of the Executive Committee they decide for example on the annual research budget, on applications by members for material and human resources, on the appointment of Senior Fellows and on the awarding of support measures.

Assembly of Members

The assembly of members is basically the core of our fellow community: it comprises Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Fellows and Senior Fellows currently present at the Zukunftskolleg. The assembly of members elects five Executive Committee members from amongst the Postdoctoral and Research Fellows. All fellows can be elected as representatives of the fellows on the Executive Committee.


The director is in charge of the Zukunftskolleg and represents its interests within and outside the university.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is concerned with the future development of the Zukunftskolleg. Its members are renowned researchers from Germany and abroad who enjoy international recognition in their research field. With their external view and expertise, they advise the Executive Committee and propose strategies for advancing the Zukunftskolleg’s profile.

Recruitment Committee

The Zukunftskolleg assesses applications for fellowships in a multi-stage process in which the Recruitment Committee takes the final decision. (If you would like to know more about the application process, please visit the respective fellowship programme site.) By selecting the projects that will be carried out at the Zukunftskolleg, the Recruitment Committee influences its scientific alignment.

The Recruitment Committee consists of three internal and three external members: The internal members comprise one representative from each faculty of the university, the external members comprise one member of the Scientific Advisory Board, one Senior Fellow and one alumni. In addition, an Equal Opportunity Representative serves as advisory member.

Internal Liaison Board

The Internal Liaison Board consists of one professor from each department at the university. Its aim is to strengthen and improve communication and exchange between the Zukunftskolleg and the  departments. The Internal Liaison Board, the Zukunftskolleg Representatives and the Executive Committee meet once a term to discuss current issues.

For the time being, the members of the Internal Liaison Board are

Zukunftskolleg Representatives

As a counterpart to the Internal Liaison Board, one fellow per department is selected as Zukunftskolleg Representative. The current Zukunftskolleg Representatives are

This is a simplified presentation. For further information please read the statutes.