Administrative fees

The administrative fees need to be paid every semester during re-registration This consists of 70 euros per semester.

The administrative fees help fund numerous services associated with the administration and supervision of students. This includes in particular the services offered in the areas of enrolment, leave of absence, exmatriculation, student support, examinations (administration and organisation), International Office, facilitating internships and the support for students making the transition to their careers (§ 12 para. 1 State law on higher education fees).

When do you not have to pay the administrative fees?

  1. If your study and examination regulations require simultaneous enrolment at more than one university. In this case, you only pay the administrative fee to the higher education institution where the focus of the course is located (§ 12 para. 3 sentence 2 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on higher education fees)). This applies to, for example, students from the "Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik Trossingen" (State Academy of Music) or the "Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart" (State Academy of Art and Design), who who are enrolled at the University of Konstanz in the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme. To prove your affiliation with another university, you simply have to submit your current certificate of enrolment at the respective university to the Student Service Centre of the University of Konstanz.
  2. If you are enrolled as an international student through an administrative arrangement at a regional, national, or international level, or through university agreements which guarantee a fee exemption (§ 12 para. 3 sentence 3 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on higher education fees)). This applies to visiting students that are enrolled in an exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus ) or students of various cooperation programmes (e.g. with the PH Thurgau ) as well as DAAD scholarship holders.


As part of the re-registration process, DAAD scholarship holders should submit current proof of funding to the Student Service Centre.