Studying with a physical disability

The University of Konstanz has a high level of wheelchair accessibility: you can reach almost every room in every building using either an elevator or a ramp. There are also multiple wheelchair-accessible telephones and toilets. Handicap parking spaces in front of the university’s main entrances are reserved for anyone with a physical impairment.

Services for you:

Parking permits and travel to/from the university

Contact Philipp Gehrmann in Building Services to get a parking permit for the handicap parking spaces in front of the university’s main entrances.

You can also contact one of the social services, such as the Malteser Hilfsdienst, to drive you to and from the university.

Barrier-free library

Sooner or later, every student comes to our library – the centrepiece of our university campus. The Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM)) team at the entrance to the library will be happy to help you use our various library services. Read more about our barrier-free library.

Housing and finances

Contact Seezeit social counselling with all your questions about finding housing and funding your studies.

Housing for students with disabilities

Seven wheelchair-accessible single-occupancy apartments are available in the Jan-Hus-Haus, a Seezeit residence hall located on Rheingutstrasse. The Petershauser Bahnhof residence hall also has a wheelchair-accessible flat-share.