Finances: An important point to take into account when planning an event

Financial Plan

All income and expenses for a given event need to be processed as part of the university budget. The Division of Financial Affairs is happy to advise you on all relevant financial matters

Please make sure to involve Financial Affairs early in the planning process. Once you submit a draft of the event programme as well as a financial plan to the Division of Financial Affairs, a project account can be set up for you.

The financial plan (download after login) should include all income and expenses, where income should at least cover the event’s expenses. You can use the plan to keep track of the finances and to better plan the event.

For your information: In order to provide you with the best possible project overview, some items that do not involve (rental) fees are intentionally included in the financial plan. Because of the wide variety of event types, the list of items is not exhaustive.

Event and Conference Management would be happy to help you estimate your event’s expenses and to create a financial plan.

Account details

On 1 February 2014, the University of Konstanz adopted the European standard Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) method of transferring funds. Please make sure to always include the IBAN and BIC information with payments (i.e. for travel expenses, guest lectures, reimbursements)

University of Konstanz account details:

BW-Bank Konstanz
IBAN: DE92 6005 0101 7486 5012 74

Purpose: [Event name]

Credit card payments

In principle, event registration fees can be paid online via credit card. In such cases, however, the payee (i.e. either you or the university) will not receive the full amount transferred, since a credit card fee of approximately 4.5 % will be deducted from the payment. Please take this reduction in earnings into account when calculating the participation fees. You might want to know: Bank transfers within Europe are free of charge.

Please contact the Universitätskasse (university cashier’s office) if you have additional questions about payment methods.