Workshop: Diversity in Philosophy

The underrepresentation of minorities in academic philosophy is being currently challenged from within the field. If this underrepresentation can indeed be related to, perhaps inadvertent, exclusionary practices of the discipline, what is the way forward? The workshop focuses on diversity as one possible answer.

A critical reflection on diversity opens up a plethora of new, and urgent, questions: How, for example, should diversity be meaningfully understood in this specific context? Would a…

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queergestreift Filmfestival

Das Zebra Kino bietet vom 12. bis 25.4.2018 ein Film-Forum für jegliche Lebensmodelle außerhalb der Heteronormativität. "Mr. Gay Syria" wird dabei u.a. vom Referat für Gleichstellung, Familienförderung und Diversity gesponsert.

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