Planning your (work) life as a researcher

What are important aspects of my life? How do I balance my health, family life as well as other interests and areas of my life with my research work? Given my individual personal background, how can I reconcile my wishes, visions and goals with existing constraints, responsibilities and duties? What does “work” mean to me? Where does it start, where does it end?

Planning your work life as a scientist and researcher comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges. Science is not just any profession. It is a vocation and that vocation offers both various degrees of freedom as well as uncertainty.

We are happy to support you when you ask yourself these questions and try to answer them (over and over again as your career progresses). Take advantage of our individual coaching sessions during challenging times in your (work) life.

Be sure to check our events programme for training in time management and expanding your skills.

We are also happy to help whenever you experience conflicts or demanding situations. At the University of Konstanz, you also have access to the DFG’s Research Ombudsman as well as the ombudspersons for doctoral research. The Office for Equal Opportunity, Family Affairs and Diversity provides advice on gender, family and diversity issues.

Researchers and scientists who have had to flee their home countries are welcome to use our orientation and advisory services. The University of Konstanz is proud to support refugees with additional measures and offers.

Specific advice and support for the topics of family and care responsibilities are available from the Office for Equal Opportunity, Family Affairs and Diversity.

Researchers who are also parents have access to the university’s childcare centre, the Kinderhaus.

The Welcome Center as well as our “Dual Career Programme” have been created to make it easier for you and your family to adjust to life in Konstanz.

The International Office provides advice and support regarding your international mobility.