Acquiring skills, attesting qualifications

An official transcript of transferable skills will considerably strengthen your job application.

We offer two complementary certificates that will allow you to gain and document these skills. This way you can be sure that the workshops you participate in will be listed and documented as part of a structured certificate of qualification. Please consult the relevant announcements and descriptions on the events page to find out which of our workshops count towards which certificate.

The “Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik” (Baden-Württemberg certificate for university didactics) documents your highly developed and comprehensive expertise in university teaching and is issued by the responsible state ministry. It documents your skills in all teaching-related fields - including planning and conducting your classes, preparing exams, supervising academic theses and advising students.

The “Führung, Management, Wissenschaftskommunikation und -transfer” (leadership, management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer) certificate catalogues any transferable skills that are useful in both academic and business settings. It demonstrates your expertise in fields of action that are relevant in leadership positions.