In various parts of the University of Konstanz, we research and teach on the topics of diversity, racism and discrimination. At the moment, we are structuring this page so that it will give a good overview of current research and teaching projects. A few selected projects are already included below.

Research on the topic of diversity

  • Overview of research projects on the topic of diversity from the Office for Equal Opportunity, Family Affairs and Diversity website: Research on diversity

Research on topics related to racism and discrimination

The Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality“

Dr Karl Helmut Eberle research project

Research from the field of sociology

Research on the topic of social cohesion

  • Apart from the legal shift in the concept of belonging against the background of migration and integration, researchers at the Konstanz branch of the Research Institute Social Cohesion especially investigate cultural “narratives” that create a collective identity and determine the positioning of individuals and groups in that society.
  • The Cultural Studies Research Centre (ZKF) currently draws together Konstanz’s cultural inquiry research on phenomena of social integration and disintegration. In the future, it will increasingly focus its efforts on migration and mobility research.

Research from the field of British Studies and American Studies

An overview of current research in the field of African American studies is available on the British Studies and American Studies website.