Der Gründungsausschuss bei der Schlussredaktion des Gründungsberichts. Im Vordergrund: Dr. Ralf Dahrendorf, Dr. Herbert Nesselhauf, 1./2. April 1965. 

Weitere Mitglieder: Dr. Hansjochem Autrum, Dr. Waldemar Besson, Dr. Hellmut Bredereck, Dr. Adam Falkenstein, Dr. Dr. h.c. Gerhard Hess, Dr. Dr. h.c. Ludwig Raiser. Dr. Joachim Ritter, Dr. Emil Tonutti

In 1965, the founding committee of the University of Konstanz settles on the concept of the reform university. The aim is to combine several academic disciplines. Innovative study, teaching and research formats replace traditional university structures. Departments take the place of institutes, shoring up the university’s belief that teaching benefits from and should be developed with an eye on research.

In 1966, the University of Konstanz starts its work in a wing of the Inselhotel.

The early days involve but a handful of professors and about 200 students – a temporary set-up in the Sonnenbühl area of Konstanz.

Construction work on the University of Konstanz’s Gießberg campus begins in 1967. From the very beginning, it is conceived both as a living and working space, an idea that is reflected in the architecture.

Blick auf die Universität Konstanz aus der Luft
View of the University of Konstanz from the air

The building plan is characterised by short distances as well as a pleasant interplay of work spaces and rest areas. In place of large lecture halls, the University of Konstanz houses a huge variety of smaller seminar rooms. The university library is centrally located and freely accessibly, another symbol of the new spirit. An extensive “percent for art programme” adds to the uniqueness of the ensemble.

Until this day, the university buildings are subject to reconstruction and expansion.

The University of Konstanz was founded in southern Germany as a prototype for a modern and compact campus university.

Former rectors of the University of Konstanz

2018 – 2020

Professor Dr Kerstin Krieglstein

2009 – 2018

Professor Dr Dr h.c. mult. Ulrich Rüdiger

2000 – 2009    

Professor Dr Dr h.c. Gerhart v. Graevenitz †

1996 – 2000    

Professor Dr Rudolf Cohen †

1991 – 1996    

Professor Dr Dr h.c. mult. Bernd Rüthers †

1976 – 1991    

Professor Dr Dr h.c. mult. Horst Sund †

1974 – 1976

Professor Dr Frieder Naschold †

1972 – 1973

Dr Theopont Diez (State Commissioner) †

1966 – 1972   

 Professor Dr Dr Ing. E.h. Gerhard Hess †