If something is expected in return for a financial contribution to the university – for example a link to the sponsor’s website or the inclusion of the sponsor’s logo on any promotional materials – then the contributor is “sponsoring” the university. We are here to advise you!

We provide information on

  • the various sponsorship options available to you. A few things to bear in mind include: the give and take process should be fair and well-coordinated.
  • the legal framework that must be observed and what is considered appropriate for sponsorship deals
  • how to draw up a sponsorship contract.

Information on sponsorship provided by the Sparkasse Bodensee

Once again, the Sparkasse Bodensee is providing the University of Konstanz with a sponsorship package to support projects and initiatives of students with small individual amounts. If you are interested in accessing the funds available through the package, please make an informal inquiry via email to Communications and Marketing. The support from the sponsorship package is provided under the condition that the Sparkasse Bodensee is identified as a sponsor, for example by displaying its logo on the project website or in printed materials. You are required to submit a full record of any sponsoring you receive to Communications and Marketing. Please refrain from submitting independent inquiries to Sparkasse Bodensee. The Sparkasse does not accept any sponsorship requests beyond those granted to the university in the sponsorship package.