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The ADILT certificate documents transferable skills in the field of data and information processing.

Participants attend courses in three blocks: "Basics", "Application" and "Reflection". Along the way, students acquire knowledge and skills in the technical, mathematical, and legal foundations and applications of data and information processing. They also reflect on the social significance of these actions. After completing the programme, participants are awarded the ADILT certificate.

Data and information literacy are important topics for all subjects - but the ADILT can be designed very differently for different subjects. Some examples and reasons for the ADILT from different subject perspectives can be found here.

To obtain the certificate, you must acquire a total of 30 ECTS credits in courses that can be recognized in ADILT or that were specially developed for the ADILT programme.
Students get an overview of various aspects of data and information processing from a scientific and practice-oriented perspective in the ADILT lecture series.
The ADILT lecture series is a required course. You must earn at least the minimum number of ECTS credits in the blocks: "Basics", "Application" and "Reflection" but can choose from a wide ranging program.

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Structure of the ADILT programme

The certificate may list courses from the various blocks up to the maximum number of ECTS credits (including a possible surplus of credits). ECTS credits that you acquire in corresponding courses from your study programme can count toward both the study programme and the certificate.
If you acquire more than the maximum number of ECTS credits in a given block, you are free to choose which courses will be listed on the certificate. In addition to documenting your general transferable skills in the field of data and information processing, you can also set individual priorities.

Overview of courses that can be recognized in the ADILT programme

Information and advice

For an appointment to discuss the ADILT programme and the recognition of courses, please contact the ADILT coordinator.

All participants and everyone interested in ADILT, are also welcome to use the corresponding forum in ILIAS for discussion. 
This is where you can also access the office hours in the "ADILT Café", Fridays from 10:00 – 11:00.