"Digitalizing Criminal Proceedings" - Dreiländerseminar 2022

Affiliated to the organizer’s joint EU project DIGICRIMJUS (https://www.digicrimjus.com), the Dreiländerseminar 2022 took place as part of the seminar trilogy under the overarching theme "Digitalization and Criminal Law". It aims to enable a targeted comparative criminal law discussion of the current challenges of the digitalization of criminal law; in 2022 by means of analyzing the effects of digitalization on criminal procedural law. Topics ranging from undercover online investigations and access to data to the possible use of artificial intelligence in decision-making were discussed and worked on in various innovative formats. Do we want the "robo-judge"?

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Co-directed by Prof. Dr. Liane Wörner, LL.M. (UW-Madison), Director of the Centre for Human | Data | Society (Konstanz) with Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer (Istanbul) and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Krisztina Karsai (Szeged), students (undergraduate, master and doctorate) from the Universities of Konstanz, Istanbul and Szeged participated in the project.

Teaching innovation & transfer

After an intensive preparation of the topics from the point of view of the respective national legal systems, intensive discussions take place together in the course of a 7-day workshop. After methodological lectures on comparative (criminal) law and thematic explorations, a legal comparison is conducted in small working groups of three under the supervision of a mentor.
The workshop not only deepens methodological knowledge, but also enables students to conduct independent comparative law research, trains them in communication, and sensitizes them to a high degree for cultural and culturally founded legal issues. The final highlight are joint comparative law presentations, podcasts and, with supervision, the development of a joint Sustainability Hub.

Experience and benefits for the students

"This Dreiländerseminar was the second one I have participated in. The Dreiländerseminar offers a special opportunity to experience exchange on international law. In the seminar I was able to work on comparative law once again.
Working together with the students from the other universities gave me not only a new understanding of law, but also a deeper insight into the relationship between law, culture and the role of law in society."

~ Sascha Daul

Funded as part of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments (funding period: 2022)