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Mental health issues in academia are prevalent and wide spread. At any stage in the academic career, one could be afflicted with clinical depression, anxiety, burnout and other issues. The wide spread acceptance and expectation of long working hours, constant traveling for academic events, and the expectation to relocate every few years also take their toll and before one knows, one is paralyzed with depression and anxiety and robbed of the joy of research and discovering new ideas that a career in academia brings. The fact that a cursory search on Google pulls up innumerable research articles and blog posts on mental health problems in academic is indicative of how wide spread the problem is. So if you are a depressed, burnedout academic, you are not alone!

This page is dedicated to the resources available for the researches with mental health issues in the University of Konstanz. Below you can also find links to articles and blog posts on how to recognize early signs of depression and burnout and how to prevent them.

This page and the resources here are not substitutes for  therapy. If you have mental health issues, please seek professional help. Talking to your local GP for recommendations for mental health professionals is the first step to help.

University of Konstanz Resources

How to offer support (family and faculty members)

  1. To support
  2. Addressing mental health
  3. The need to change
  4. To be thick-skinned
  5. Advisors responding to students
  6. Academic mental health collective
  7. PhD depression

 Recovery from depression

  1. A year after recovery