The sub-team "Mobility" pursues the goal of significantly reducing the amount of air travel by the university’s researchers and thus their CO2 emissions. A series of corresponding measures was developed in collaboration with the university’s members.

The sub-team and its speaker, Professor Thomas Hinz, assessed the current situation and have so far identified three fields of action: raising and expanding awareness for the topic; enacting university-wide guidelines, e.g. enabling online participation in conferences at the University of Konstanz or increasing the willingness to participate online in external conferences; and finally, establishing an internal incentives programme for reducing air travel and thus CO2 emissions.

The International Office as well as professors and students are involved in the sustainability sub-group, which collaborates with the travel expenses team in the university’s central administration. After the initiative was presented to the 13 departments, an online event took place in January 2021, focusing on the topic "Flying less and more consciously: current situation and options for the university".